The hope of the unemployed TUDEMSAS

The prospect of the unemployed TÜDEMSAŞ: Labor candidates who will work under the General Directorate of Tüdemsaş started to count the days. 250 will be determined by 82 exams and interviews to be held in 31.

The evaluation and researches for the candidate candidates connecting the hopes to the Tudemsas Plant were completed. 18-25 will be available from August for workers to be taken to the factory, while 31 will be held on August.

Tüdemsaş General Directorate of Tudemsaş postponed the exam for a period of time for the workers to be taken to the factory and who completed the applications for the workers to be taken to the factory, who connected their hopes to the factory and who counted the day to work in the state cadres. annuled

16 105 years after allowing the recruitment of late last year, Turkey Railways machines Industry Corporation (TÜDEMSAŞ) has decided to take more 82 workers. The applications for the workers who will be graduated from the Industrial Vocational High School Metal Work and Metal Technologies with the help of the business exchange were completed in May, 30. 82 contact will be received For the workers to be taken to the factory both in the Internet and through the work of the job was accepted by the XKUMX person. The list of applications was also sent to Tüdemsaş General Directorate. The General Directorate completed the research after the evaluation. As a result of the surveys, some applicants who were applying from outside Sivas also canceled their applications and after the cancellation of their name from the list, new names were included in the list through İş Kur.


The workers, who will be taken to the General Directorate of Tudemsas, have begun to hope again after a long period of time. The list of approximately 250 people will be announced on the web site of the General Directorate, while those listed will start to apply for 18 as of August. Applications 25 will continue until August. The exam will be held at 31.08.2014 on 08.30 after the applications are submitted to Tüdemsaş Head Office.


Tüdemşaş General Directorate will apply;

A copy of the ID card, driver's license or passport together with the original copy of the 1-TC identity letter

2- two pictures taken in the last six months

3-2012 KPSS 94 score shows result document

4-EML diploma and a copy of the copy

5-A copy of service documents and testimonials

6-1 pieces A4 envelope. (On the name will be written in the last name, TC number and contact phone

31 will be tested on August after the applications are made between the dates specified. The workers who will be recruited by interview will be determined

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