Asphalt News

Toroslar Municipality Works on Asphalt

Asphalt Works of Toroslar Municipality Continue: Asphalt works in the new neighborhoods of Toroslar Municipality in the central district of Mersin continue. According to the written statement made by Toroslar Municipality, in the summer months the plateau [more…]


Subcontract workers working on highways

Subcontracted workers working on the highways are waiting for a position: Sabit Yural, one of the highway workers. Subcontracted workers working on the highways are waiting for the judicial decision to be implemented and to be given a position. [more…]


Trabzonu as a necklace with tunnels

He weaves Trabzon like a necklace with tunnels: Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Gümrükçüoğlu, who enlightened the public about the ongoing road investments in Trabzon, said that the body of Kanuni Boulevard, for which all tunnels have been started, is emerging. [more…]


Asphalt work on Ünye Ring Road

Asphalt work on Ünye Ring Road: It was reported that the last layer asphalt work will be carried out on Ünye Ring Road. Atilla Tatarhan, Project Manager of the company that carried out the study, said in a statement to journalists: [more…]