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İstanbul- Ankara Yhtnin Forced Slowdown

Istanbul-Ankara High Speed ​​​​Region: The High Speed ​​​​Train, which started its services between Istanbul and Ankara on July 20, has to slow down due to the ongoing works in Pamukova District. Between Istanbul and Ankara on 20 July [more…]

Asphalt News

Hot Asphalt Works on Karaman-Mersin Highway

Hot Asphalt Works on Karaman-Mersin Highway: 8 kilometer part completed within the scope of ongoing hot asphalt works on Karaman-Mersin highway was opened to traffic. As a result of the works carried out by the contractor firm in the Mut district of Karaman-Mersin, [more…]


Subcontract workers working on highways

Subcontract workers working on highways are waiting for staff: Fixed Yural from road workers Subcontract workers working on highways are waiting for them to be given staff by applying the judicial decision. Sabit Sabit Yural from road workers, ”Subcontracting workers working on highways, [more…]


Trabzonu as a necklace with tunnels

He weaves Trabzon with tunnels like a necklace: Trabzon Metropolitan Mayor Gumrukcuoglu, who enlightened the public about the ongoing road investments in Trabzon, stated that the body of Kanuni Boulevard, of which all tunnels have been started, is emerging, and said, "We will protect Trabzon with roads, [more…]


Asphalt work on Ünye Ring Road

Asphalt work on the Ünye Ring Road: It has been reported that the last layer of asphalt work will be carried out on the Ünye Ring Road. Atilla Tatarhan, Project Manager of the company that carried out the work, told reporters that the road will be delayed for two months due to the work. [more…]

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The world's Eye Turkey in the tunneling industry

With the acceleration it has gained, the Turkish tunneling industry has become the country that has signed the biggest projects together with Norway in the world. The sector, where the projects that the world has set its eyes on, are implemented one after another, has been under the roof of the Tunneling Association for 2 years. [more…]


Ordu Ring Road Project Changed

Army Ring Road Project Has Changed: AK Party Deputy Fatih Han Army Unal, Turkey's longest tunnel with Turkey and who will make significant contributions to the economy Army Ring Road at the end point [more…]