If the subject is Housing, the Target is TÜDEMSAŞ

if the subject is the target tudemsastir
if the subject is the target tudemsastir

The merger of the three subsidiaries of TCDD (TÜDEMSAŞ, TÜLOMSAŞ TÜVASAŞ), which was on the agenda, put TÜDEMSAŞ General Directorate in a stable period.

Due to the wrong policies, it is known that the appropriation for investment in TÜDEMSAŞ was not allocated in 2019. The absence of investment means that TÜDEMSAŞ will be asked to be streamlined, in short, that manufacturing and repairs will not be made.

The Union of Transportation and Railroad Workers (Udem-Hak Sen) stated that the project of merging by making correspondence to the necessary places is wrong.

Udem-Hak Sen stated that no information was received in response. Before the election, TÜDEMSAŞ and TCDD 4 The sale or lease of their lodgings to the region was temporarily removed from the agenda. Udem-Hak Sen and the staff sitting in the lodgings deeply upset the feeling that the rental or sale would be made after the election. Everyone knows that TÜDEMSAŞ is the 410 thousand square meter land, which is the first application to come after the issue of housing on the streets and gardens, especially in the first place. We say, “The target is for TÜDEMSAŞ for the subject housing”.

Transportation Railway Workers Trade Union President Abdullah PEKER, specifying what TÜDEMSAŞ net lodgings of whether to eat in one of Turkey to defend the rights of their employees is a law of the country, housing for people who want to open in the commercial area of ​​one of the staff sitting at the lodgings where he would reside umaurs unable to sahýs, Thats and the TÜDEMSAŞ He said to take your hand from their lodgings.

PEKER, If you want to do favor to the people of Sivas and TÜDEMSAŞ, let's claim the institution together. If the merger is to be made, it is our rightful demand that the General Directorate, Deputy General Manager and Heads of Departments do not disappear and the management place of the three subsidiaries is TÜDEMSAŞ.

TÜDEMSAŞ, which is the lifeblood of Sivas as an economic and employment, even spreads 10 million TL of hot money to the local and national market. As a result of this practice, unemployment will increase and crime rate will increase.

As the Transport Railway Employees Union, we are making the era for all Sivas deputies and mayor candidates. Please let us claim TÜDEMSAŞ and grow it further.

Abdullah PEKER
Chairman of the Transport Railway Workers Union

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