Gulf Crossing Bridge construction

How is the construction of the Gulf Crossing Bridge: What is happening in the Izmit Gulf Crossing Bridge construction, which will reduce the Gulf crossing to 6 minutes? Here is the answer… made within the scope of Gebze-İzmir Highway project [more…]


Homer Bus Station

Istikamet Bus Station on Homeros Boulevard: Implementation projects have been started to extend the Homeros Boulevard, which was put into service last year in order to ease the traffic of Buca of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, until the Bus Terminal. Big city, [more…]


3. evacuate

Unload instruction to the promenade for the bridge road: Work continues on the Northern Marmara Motorway, which will be the new route of heavy tonnage vehicles. General Directorate of Highways finally [more…]

35 Izmir

Completely Renovation Works

Izbanda Renovation Works: State Railways (TCDD), İzmir Suburban System (İZBAN), which provides public transportation services on a 80 km suburban line from Aliağa to Cumaovası in İzmir. [more…]