43 Austria

Australian Consul General Visits TCDD

Consul General of Australia in Istanbul Visited TCDD: Consul General of Australia in Istanbul Lino STRANGIS visited Mr. Adem KAYIŞ, Deputy General Manager of TCDD at 14 August 2014. BELIS is pleased to welcome Australia's Istanbul Consul General STRANGIS in TCDD [more…]

86 China

Chinese delegation held a meeting with TCDD

The Chinese delegation held a meeting with TCDD: A delegation headed by CHENWenling, Chief Economist and Head of the Strategic Research Department of the China Center for International Economic Communication (CCIEE), and the officials of our Corporation on August 14, 2014. [more…]

49 Germany

People will decide the construction of cable car in Hamburga

The public will decide on the construction of the Hamburga cable car: The referendum will determine whether the cable car will be built, which will add attraction to Hamburg and solve the traffic problem. Thus; Known as the gateway to the world, with many places worth visiting such as the Elbe river, harbor, tunnel and bridges. [more…]

06 Ankara

Description of whistle from TCDD

Whistle statement from TCDD: TCDD made a statement about the news that an officer blew his whistle and warned the citizens when the barriers on the level crossing were removed in Alifuatpaşa Mahallesi, Sakarya's Geyve district, of the Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train line. In the statement made by TCDD General Directorate, [more…]

Intercity Railways

Flood overturns freight train in Kayseri

In Kayseri, the flood overturned the freight train: The flood brought accidents with it. This time the news of the accident is from the railways… In the district of Sarioglan of Kayseri, as a result of the overturning of 6 wagons of the train carrying fuel due to flood, the Kayseri-Sivas railway was closed to transportation. According to the information received, from Kayseri, processed [more…]

Asphalt News

Asphalt Works in Your Car Continues

Asphalt Works in Your Car Continues: Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality continues the maintenance, repair and asphalt works on the group village roads in Araban district. Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, Department of Science Affairs teams on the broken group village roads in Araban district [more…]

Asphalt News

Asphalt Study Started in Bismilin Villages

Asphalt Project has been Started in Bismilin Villages: Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality and Bismil Municipality have started to work asphalt in the villages. Diyarbakır, which has gained the status of a neighborhood along with the Metropolitan Law which came into force with the local elections, accelerates its activities day by day. [more…]

01 Adana

Asphalt road work

Asphalt road work in Kürkçü: Adana Sarıçam district Kürkçüler Dağcı examined the asphalt work carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality in Yürekli, Müminli and Göztepe neighborhoods. With the request of Sarıçam Mayor Bilal Uludağ and the instruction of Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Hüseyin Sözlü [more…]

44 UK

Public transport weakens

Public transport is weakening: it is stated that the average 3 and the 2.5 weight of the women are weaker compared to those driving by public transport vehicles such as buses, trams and subways. Der Spiegel magazine, [more…]

Asphalt News

Asphalt Work Begins at Greater İğdede

Metropolitan İğdede Asphalt Work Started: The teams affiliated to Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs accelerated the asphalt works throughout the district. After the asphalt road construction in Söğütlü District, the teams started the asphalt repair works in İğde District. Connected to Elbistan [more…]

Asphalt News

6 Km Asphalt from Ordu Metropolitan Municipality

Ordu Büyükşehirden Yenikentte 6 Km Asphalt: Army Metropolitan Municipality, Unye Yenikent Mahallesi has started the paving study was completed. Within the scope of the asphalt work, the main road of 6 km of the neighborhood was covered with asphalt. 30 March after the local elections [more…]


Railing on dangerous sidewalk

A guardrail was placed on the dangerous sidewalk: Hakkari Municipality made a 100-meter guardrail on the pedestrian sidewalk on Çölemerik Street. The ring road of the city is located on the Çölemerik Street and is located in the margin. [more…]


Bridge at the Main Headquarters 12 Meters Expanded

The Bridge in Başiskelede Has Been Expanded By 12 Meters: The construction works of the bridge, whose width was increased from 6 meters to 12 meters in Hacı Aslan Street in Damlar District, is coming to an end. The teams laying the rainwater channels of the bridge, whose concrete has been cast, will then lay asphalt. Need in Başiskele [more…]


Reflector and Signaling

Reflector and Signalization for the Phaetons: The phaetoners, who are allowed to work in the Pirbaba pine field by the Municipality in Çorum, add a different color to the city at night. While the phaetons, which are indispensable for nights in Çorum, are used for "romantic trips", they are [more…]