Centennial Train Station Becomes Library

Centennial train station is the library: 99 annual railway station building in Doğubayazıt district will be converted into a library.

The 99 annual railway station building, which has been left to its fate for years and has an important place in the cultural heritage of the district, is being restored by the Doğubayazıt District Governorate as the Ahmed-i Hani Library.

The building, which was built to be used as a train station during the Russian occupation of 1915, and which served to different public institutions and organizations after the occupation, and finally used as a Health Vocational High School, was restored and restored with the support of Doğubayazıt District Governor Karahan Daştan and the support of businessman Şerafettin Eryılmaz. will be offered as a library to the service of the townspeople at age.

The restoration protocol, which is the first step in the restoration of the historical building and the realization of the project regarding the Ahmed-i Hani Library Project, which is considered for the old train station that fights in an abandoned state, was signed between Doğubayazıt District Governor Karahan Daştan and businessman civil engineer Şerafettin Eryılmaz. Businessman Eryilmaz has undertaken the restoration work of the project. Assist. Project and R&D studies at Van Yüzüncü Yıl University. Assoc. Dr. Şahabettin Öztürk will run it.

Governor Dastan, said in a statement, can not be lived because of impossibilities in the district culture of the library can be brought together with the main idea of ​​the culture of the city, located in the heart of the city on the way, with the historical background of the idea of ​​the restoration of the building, he said.

Expressing that they started the project with the contributions of Eryilmaz, who knows the history of the district and who does not withhold their professional support and all their support, Daştan said, “By describing the train station belonging to the period with a historical wagon in the interior of the Ahmed-i Hani Library, which will be reconstructed with restoration, With the historical texture of that period, the meaning integrity of the library will be provided. We will experience the pride of bringing the sadness of the locomotive smoke left in the dusty shelves of history with the enthusiasm in the smell of brand new books. ”

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