International Companies Leading Railway Sector Gathered in Kiev

The future of railways companies met in Kiev
The future of railways companies met in Kiev

International companies leading the railway sector met at RailExpo 2019 in Kiev, Ukraine.

Turkey Railway Machines Industry Inc. (TÜDEMSAŞ) General Director Mehmet Basoglu, Quality Control Department Head Zühtü Çopur and Wagon Manufacturing Factory Manager Feridun in railexpo that Özdemir'le joined together by bilateral talks with representatives of participant firms evaluated the developments in the sector.

Zühtü Çopur made a presentation in the interview held within the scope of RailExpo 2019 and informed international participants about the role of TUDEMSAS in the development of the subsidiary industry in Sivas. During the event, bogie exchange between the standard railway line in our country and the wider railway line of the Commonwealth of America was brought to the agenda for running wagons.

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