Asphalt News

Refurbished asphalts are renewed

Refurbished asphalts in the caramel are being renewed: Denizli Metropolitan Municipality and Çameli Municipality initiated in cooperation with Çameli Cevizli- Old asphalt and damaged roads are excavated in high-quality asphalt road. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality equipment [more…]

Asphalt News

50 meter asphalt astonishes

50 meters of asphalt surprises those who see it: The fact that asphalt is poured on only 50 meters of the road on Ordu Street in the Suşehri district of Sivas surprised the citizens. 50 meters of the road that starts with hardwood and continues with soil on Ordu Street. [more…]

Asphalt News

Asphalt Road On Avdan Road Continues

Avdan Asphalt Work Continues: AK Party Chairman Korkuteli İlhami Yıldıran, Metropolitan Municipality Coordinator Korkuteli Hüseyin Karaceliloğlu, asphalt work with members of the municipal council continues to work in Avdan [more…]


Palu-Aricak highway will be shortened

Palu-Arıcak highway will be shortened: A new route will be opened to shorten the road between Palu and Arıcak districts of Elazığ. Within the scope of the work carried out jointly by Palu Municipality and the Provincial General Assembly, the existing road between the two districts [more…]


Examination from Çalık to Karahan Tunnel

Investigation from Çalık to Karahan Tunnel: AK Party Malatya Deputy Öznur Çalık stated that despite the troubles experienced in Karahan Tunnel on Malatya-Kayseri Highway, the left tube was opened, the right tube with 175 meters remaining was opened at the beginning of 2015. [more…]


Work on the coal field caused roadway cracks

The works in the coal field caused cracks in the highway: The works carried out in the coal field of Yatağan Thermal Power Plant caused cracks on the Yeşilbağcılar-Turgut neighborhoods road. Yatağan Thermal, affiliated to Yeniköy Elektrik Üretim AŞ (YEAŞ) [more…]


Selde is building the collapsed bridge

They build the bridge destroyed by flood by means of imece: Residents of Saçaklı village of Bayramiç district are rebuilding their bridges that were destroyed by floods by hand. Providing access to the village of Saçaklı, which is 6 kilometers away from the town center. [more…]


Bridged Bridge Bridges

Flooded Bridges Pass in Duzce: Kaynaşlı mountain villages in the district due to floods that cause disruptions and transportation problems are being overhauled. Renovation of the bridges began to return to the virgins. Mountain villages in Kaynaşlı district [more…]

41 Switzerland

Passenger train in Switzerland derailed

Passenger train derailed in Switzerland: A passenger train in eastern Switzerland was reported to have derailed due to a landslide. According to information from local police officials, St. Transporting passengers between the cities of Moritz and Chur [more…]


Prohibition of sunflower seeds on the road

Sunflower Seed Ban on the Ring Road: In Bursa's İnegöl district, it has been announced that farmers will not be allowed to dry the sunflower seeds they harvest on the ring road this year. In line with the decision taken by the District Traffic Commission in 2012, Ahmet Türkel Environment [more…]