Erdogan's Victory to be Crowned with Giant Projects

Erdogan's Victory Will Be Crowned With Giant Projects: In President Erdogan's adventure in Çankaya, priority will be given to the economy. Erdogan's signature will be under the new mega projects. Presidential election, which has occupied Turkey's agenda for a long time, Recep Tayyip Erdogan [more…]


Turkey re-woven by iron network

Turkey is spinning again with the iron network: entry into service late last week, High Speed ​​Train. In many provinces, the construction of the High Speed ​​Line continues. TCDD 1. Regional Manager Hasan Gedikli [more…]

06 Ankara

Selection Density at High Speed ​​Trains

Election Density in High Speed ​​​​Trains: Voters who want to vote in the presidential election where they are registered preferred the High Speed ​​​​Train - Eskişehir Station Manager Özer: “We have many passengers coming and going for the election. Location [more…]

07 Antalya

Yenigöl district of Antalya said yes to the rail system

Yenigöl neighborhood of Antalya said yes to the rail system: Mayor of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Menderes Türel participated in the opening of the Yenigöl District Headman's Office by the Metropolitan Municipality. Mayor of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Menderes Türel, Metropolitan Municipality [more…]


Surrounded by seating benches

The ring road is equipped with sitting benches: The pedestrian sidewalk of the ring road passing in front of the new Malatya State Hospital has been equipped with sitting benches. Malatya Metropolitan Municipality, which decorates Malatya with its urban furniture, [more…]

Asphalt News

Sümerbank Street Asphalt Renewing

Sümerbank Street Asphalt Renewing: Erzincan Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs teams, Karaağaç and Gülabibey neighborhoods within the boundaries of the arrangements and changes in the face of Sümerbank street, asphalt paving works began. Area [more…]

34 Istanbul

Trams competing

Trams are competing: IETT passengers are waiting for an interesting photo contest in Istanbul. Nostalgic photos of the tram from the year it was established in the INTX are shared on public transport and on the website ''. This photo from participants [more…]


Adding bicycle wagons to high-speed trains

Bicycle wagons are added to High Speed ​​Trains: The Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications brings high-speed trains (YHT) to world-class luxury. Within the scope of the studies initiated by the Ministry, a wagon will be reserved for bicycles on the train. Accordingly, citizens [more…]

Asphalt News

Tokatta asphalt works

Asphalt works in Tokat: Asphalt renovation works have started on Behzat Boulevard by Tokat Municipality Science Affairs Directorate. Mayor Eyüp Eroğlu, who examined the works on site, said in a statement to the journalists that besides the asphalt works, the Niksar road [more…]

Asphalt News

Asphalt Study on Roads in Yakubia

Asphalt Work Started on Roads in Yakubiye: Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality teams started asphalting work in Kisas, Yakubiye and Eyyübiye Neighborhoods within the scope of road construction works. Turkey's top 10 cities by road network [more…]

Asphalt News

Asphalt road thanks to Çamlıca

Çamlıca thanks to the asphalt road: Alanya Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs teams, Çamlıca Quarter Eğrikaya Mevkii road expansion and drainage work is doing. Alanya center, neighborhood and plateaus serving at many points at the same time [more…]


New project for Fatsa Ring Road

Fatsa Ring Road is preparing a new project: Highways Samsun 7. Regional Directorate teams on the route of the project by investigating the Fatsa Road has made studies. Highways Samsun 7. Regional Directorate teams [more…]


New Zigana Tunnel Project Ends

New Zigana Tunnel Project has come to an end: The tender for the new Zigana Tunnel has been completed by the end of the project tender. Of the Ministry for the tender for the construction of the Zigana Tunnel [more…]


Victims of Konak Tunnels Construction Founded

Victims of Konak Tunnels Construction Established Association: Those who are at risk of losing their homes due to the Konak Tunnels construction in İzmir by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications and the General Directorate of Highways, Victims of the Konak-Yeşildere Tunnel [more…]