35 Izmir

Tram excitement in Izmir

Tram excitement in Izmir: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is one of the most important investments that will give a new impetus to urban transportation. Karşıyaka made the delivery of trams, activities began. Both projects are [more…]

49 Germany

German state aid to German Railways

State aid to the German Railways: In Germany, where railway rails need a great deal of maintenance and repair, Deutsche Bahn finally receives state aid. The company, which will receive 2,5 billion euros annually, is the most [more…]

34 Istanbul

The work on the bridge will continue from the sea

Works on the 3rd Bridge will continue from the sea: Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge is about to be finished. The row is at the level of assembling the plates forming the bridge that will connect the two continents from the sea. Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, which will be the third bridge of Istanbul [more…]


4 discount fuel to the transporter

Transporters 4 percent discount fuel: German DKV Card Turkey entered the market, the 4 percent in fuel transporters, while the use of highways and ferries provide 30 percent discount. The largest in the world in oil finance [more…]

02 Adiyaman

Collapsing Road Two Years ago

Two years ago, the collapsed road is being built: for nearly 2 years, the collapsed road near the Senginik-Kahta Highway Ayengin neighborhood, a new road with the support of Mr. Bülent Güven, the District Governor of Sincik, and the support of the deputies. [more…]


900 million dollar highway from Enka

900 million dollar highway from Enka: Enka, together with its partner Bechtel, has been appointed as the contractor company by the Government of Kosovo for the construction of the 900 million dollar new highway that will connect the capital of Kosovo, Pristina to the neighboring country Macedonia. [more…]

34 Istanbul

The Eurasia Tunnel

The Eurasian Tunnel is launching today: The Eurasian Tunnel Project, which the Prime Minister calls kardeş brother to Marmaray ', is displayed for the first time. 10 percent of the project has been completed, submarine working phase has been reached. Asia and Europe [more…]


Highways in Germany

Highways are toll in Germany: The government in Germany is announcing the details of the draft law, which foresees the introduction of tolls on the highways, to the public today. Details of the draft prepared by Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt were reflected in the media. According to this [more…]

06 Ankara

Wagon manufacturer VA-KO

Wagon manufacturer VA-KO: VA-KO was established on 08.05.2007 under the name of Wagon Container Machinery Engineering Project Industry and Trade Company and restructured as Joint Stock Company on 2011. [more…]


Nissibi Bridge Ends (Photo Gallery)

Nissibi Bridge to the End: Sanliurfa Governor Izzettin Kucuk, the construction of the Ataturk Dam Lake on the construction of the Nissibi Bridge found. Two years ago, when the foundation was laid and completed Turkey's third [more…]

06 Ankara

The Hacettepe bus response resulted

The bus response of the Hacettepe residents resulted: Ankara Metropolitan Municipality decided to remove the bus line between Hacettepe University and Sıhhiye and Beytepe campuses. However, the students' reaction was taken back. [more…]


Eurasia Tunnel Project was viewed for the first time

The Eurasian Tunnel Project was displayed for the first time: The Eurasian Tunnel Project, which the Prime Minister called kardeş brother to Marmaray ', was displayed for the first time. 10 percent of the project has been completed, submarine working phase has been reached. Asia and Europe [more…]


Bornovada Viaduct Action

Viaduct Action in Bornova: He made a press statement claiming that there were mistakes in the project of the Istanbul Highway, on the grounds that the project would make them victims. Citizens gathered in a truck garage in Doğanlar district, zoning plan maps for the road. [more…]


3. The bridge may even stand

Bridges may even stop: Court karar.anayas important bridge and highway projects for Turkey's mega projects canceled outside agents that the Environmental Impact Assessment report. With this decision, EIA discussion on giant projects [more…]


Green Droplet Coming

Green Droplet is coming: The graphic work of the 2nd Regional Directorate of Highways showing the green area works to be done in the Damlacık district revealed that the rent claims are unfounded. [more…]

35 Izmir

Mass transit in Izmir

Public transportation in İzmir: İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has signed another fiasco and said devrim What was this system? ESHOT General Directorate set out with the slogan düğüm the knot is unraveling in public transportation ” [more…]


They get used to traffic rules at a young age

They Get Used to Traffic Rules at a Young Age: Children, who are tested with toy cars on the training track set up by the district governor's office in the garden of a school in the Selim district of Kars, start to obey the traffic rules from a young age. Selim District [more…]


Tram accident 1 seriously injured in Konya

Tram accident in Konya 1 seriously injured: 61-year-old Hikmet Kızmaz, who was hit by the tram in Konya, was seriously injured. The accident occurred at around 23.30 at Konya central Selçuklu District Yeni İstanbul Caddesi Kunduracılar stop. [more…]