Bornovada Viaduct Action

Bornovada Viaduct Action: He claimed that there were errors in the project of the Istanbul Highway, and made a press release on the grounds that the project would be a victim of the project.
Citizens gathered in a truck garage in Doganlar district, zoning plan maps related to the road and similar projects in the photos of the affected people showed the photos of the press.
Attorney Kemal Turan, who made a statement on behalf of the group, stated that the highway project was planned to be made as a fill of Doğanlar-Naldöken-Belkahve, not a viaduct, and that the General Directorate of Highways decided to turn two-thirds of the road into a viaduct after the press releases they made.
This does not resolve the grievance of the people of the region, explaining that the entire road should be crossed with the viaduct Turan, due to the fact that the viaduct is not made of the major roads of the district 1550 street will close completely, motorway side of the houses will look at the wall of the 18 meter-height, any solution is not foreseen any loss of property here, he said.
Noting that the houses on the right side of the road at the Balçova entrance of the İzmir-Çeşme Motorway also lost their value, Turan said, “If the mistakes are not corrected in the plans, the same mistake will be repeated here. "The houses in the region where nearly a thousand people live will lose their value almost completely."
Turan also claimed that the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality delayed the approval of the plan despite the project revision made by Highways, and therefore, in the cases they brought to the Administrative Court for the cancellation of the zoning plan, the region was considered as unplanned and the expert panel did not envisage any loss of rights.
Citizens with homes in the region also stated that they want to eliminate the injustice by arguing that the expert delegations decided to decrease the value of the property in different places where the highway will pass.

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