Collapsing Road Two Years ago

Two years ago collapsing road: Approximately 2 years since the Sincik-Kahta Highway Ayengin District collapsed near the road, Sincik Governor Mr. Bulent Guven's initiative and with the support of the deputies began to work for a new road construction.
The work of the contractor was delivered to the contractor company by the Regional Directorate of Highways. The related company started road construction works. Sincik District Governor Bulent Guven, who made statements on the subject, said that the expropriation study was carried out in order to prevent the victims of the new road route to be made.
District Governor Kaymakam said, mel Due to the fillings made during the road works, landslides have been formed due to the fillings. Due to the landslide, the house of our citizens of 4 has been damaged and our negotiations with the General Directorate of Social Assistance continue to resolve the grievances of our citizens. I hope we will eliminate the grievance of these citizens. Expropriation work continues on the new road route to be opened here. Of course, this way has made great support to our deputies. Deputy Murtaza Yetiş support to make this path, especially the region deputies thank you, '' he said.


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