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2 freak bridges in Torbalı

2 freak bridges in Torbalı: The bridge scandal does not end in İzmir. It was revealed that there are two freak bridges built by the Metropolitan Municipality in Mithatpaşa Street and Torbalı District in Torbalı. [more…]


Level Crossing Action from Villagers

Level Crossing Action from the Villagers: Citizens reacting to the decision to close the level crossing in Çankırı took action by closing the railway where the expeditions were organized. Ensuring safe transportation on the railway line of TCDD [more…]


Pedestrian Struck by a Tram

Tram hit by pedestrian's leg Koptu Vatman in custody: In Konya, the citizen who was hit by the tram lost his life, vatman was taken into custody. The teams searched the injured leg for a while at the accident site. [more…]

Ankara Metropolitan Road-Asphalt, Pedestrian Crossing and School Playground Lines
Asphalt News

Hot Asphalt Pours On Concrete Asphalt

Hot Asphalt is Pouring on Concrete Asphalt: Hot asphalt is poured by the municipal teams on the concrete asphalt pouring in the Northkent District of Kastamonu in the past years. Kastamonu Municipality in Kuzeykent District [more…]

Asphalt News

Bağın Castle road will be paved

Bağın Castle road will be asphalted: Tunceli Mazgirt District Governor's Association of Service to Villages will pass asphalt pavement by way of open tender method that provides access to Bağın Castle from Geçitveren-Akdüven Villages. [more…]

Asphalt News

Asphalt attack continues

Deep asphalt attack continues: 3 thousand tons of asphalting was performed in Ibni Sina Neighborhood within the scope of the works carried out by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality and Derince Municipality 3 Thousand Tones [more…]

Asphalt News

Asphalt work in Kartepe villages

Asphalt work in Kartepe villages: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality continues road maintenance works throughout the city. Within the scope of the studies, village roads with damaged ground have been overhauled, [more…]

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