Tunnel Boring Machine 5 Underneath the Tunnels of YHT Tunnels (Photo Gallery)

Tunnel Boring Machine Under the YHT Tunnel Collapsing for 5 Years: The high speed train (YHT) line in Bilecik, which was stated to be 33 million Euros under the collapsed tunnel, could not be removed for 5 years.

In 2009, a dent occurred while the first kilometer of the 6,2th YHT Line Tunnel, which is planned to be constructed in the Ahmetpınar Village between Bilecik and Bozüyük, is 26 kilometers long. The tunneling machine also remained in the tunnel where the dent occurred. The tunnel boring machine named TBM, which is stated to be worth 33 million Euros, could not be removed until today. The route of the YHT line in this region has also been changed due to the dent.

The company continues to work on the YHT line under construction, the company is attempting to remove the dent underneath, a company from abroad to remove the machine 1 million liras claiming that the claim was made.

It is stated that tunnel 26, where the machine was left due to the dent, was temporarily suspended, a line was laid from this place to another area, which will decrease the speed of the YHT up to 70 kilometers when passing in this region.

YHT line that continues to work in the construction of the machine under the relocation of the 6,2 kilometer tunnel will be restarted in order to open the work is expressed.



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