Council of State did not give permission to investigate the Çaycuma Bridge

📩 21/12/2018 17:36

The Council of State did not give permission for an investigation in the Çaycuma Bridge disaster: The Ministry of Internal Affairs about the mayor of the period, Ak Party's Mithat Gülşen, and the Deputy Director of Science, Olcay Aydın, regarding the bridge disaster on April 11, 4, in which 6 people died and 2012 people are still missing in Çaycuma District of Zonguldak. The objection made to the refusal of the investigation was rejected by the Council of State with 2 votes against 3.
With the collapse of a part of the 252-meter-long Çaycuma Bridge at the entrance of the district, the 4 people walking on the bridge and the minibus with 11 people fell into the Filyos Stream. 79 people, including the father of the then Mayor Mithat Gülşen, 11-year-old Kemal Gülşen, were found, while Mayor Gülşen's nephew, 21-year-old university student Sezgin Gülşen, 49-year-old Woman Saraç, 66-year-old Tahir Özkara and 59-year-old Necati Azaklıoğlu ' However, it has not been reached yet.
The Çaycuma Public Prosecutor's Office, which carried out the investigation into the disaster, asked for an investigation permit for the Kastamonu Regional Directorate of Highways, DSI 232 Branch Office and Çaycuma Municipality, which were stated to be responsible for the incident in the expert report prepared by Istanbul Technical University. However, Kastamonu and Zonguldak Governorships did not authorize investigation for the Highways and DSİ, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs did not give permission for the municipality.
The Regional Administrative Court, which was applied for the annulment of the Highways and DSI decision, ruled on 22 December 2010 that the allegations of negligence against the two institutions were not in a nature to require judicial follow-up on the grounds that they did not have direct responsibilities for the maintenance and repair of the bridge removed from the highway network.
The 1st Department of the Council of State rejected the objection of the ministry's decision regarding the refusal of investigation permission against the Mayor Mithat Gülşen and the Director of Science Affairs Olcay Aydın with the votes of 2 to 3 members.
The two members who voted against drew attention to the fact that Çaycuma Municipality did not work on the physical condition and technical structure of the bridge after the transfer. Stating that the municipality did not even request information and documents about the bridge, the members said in their decision:
“While it is known that the renovation made by the municipality on the bridge in 2010 did not completely eliminate the danger of collapse due to the changes in the Filyos Stream bed, separate measures should be taken for pedestrian crossings on the bridge according to the amount of rainfall and water flow. The fact that cracking, breakage and similar signs were not detected on the bridge before the collapse does not constitute a justification for the municipality's failure to determine the physical condition and technical structure of the bridge. "
Malik Uçar, one of the lawyers of the relatives of the deceased, said, “It was revealed by the decision of the Council of State that this incident was shown as divine as if it had happened on its own. It's like making fun of people. We were expecting a positive decision from the Council of State. But it didn't. Families say they have no more confidence in justice. With this decision, they collapsed once again, ”he said.

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