In the bitlist, the traverses of the train tracks and the thieves who stole the iron

Bitliste traverses of the railroad tracks and stole the thief stole: Bitlis, located in the district of Güroymak district of Bitlis Solid Waste Plant in the village of Güroymak (BIKA) in the road to the railway train on the way to the train tracks of the trainers who want to steal the sleepers were caught red-handed. 5 people were detained as suspects.

Bitlis Governorate, which makes a written statement about theft, between Güroymak and Tatvan, and the renovation work continued on the train tracks of the railway tracks who want to steal the traverse iron thief caught caught in the offense. 5 in the incident said that the person was detained in suspicion, eski The railway is removed in the work of the railway and railroad tracks were removed from the old railroad tracks and railroad tracks, cut and played, the old railroad tracks traverse anchors caught in the event of the incident MC, U.Ü. , C. Ü., Y. Ü. vaz 72 DR 485 plate, 2 units large size kitchen tube, 2 pieces of industrial type oxygen cylinders and 4 cut-off rail rail iron were found. N

At the end of the statement, the detained 4 was released following the statements taken by the kid 5 suspect.


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