German Railways have paid 40 million euros to passengers

German Railways paid 40 million Euros to its non-growers: German Railways (WB) paid its passengers the largest amount of compensation in its history last year.

According to a railways spokesman announced on Saturday, the 2013 million 1 thousand passengers were paid 300 million in the year of 40. In the case of 3 bin 500, a mediator was applied and 88 of the passengers was justified. A decision by the European Court of Justice in September last year is behind the high level of compensation paid by the railways to its passengers.

Accordingly, the right to compensation, even in the case of delays caused by factors such as unfavorable weather conditions, floods and strikes, are missing. In one-hour delay, the passenger can claim the 25 of the price of the ticket and half of the two-hour delay. In case of hotel stays, the railway company must take the hotel money. If the customer's complaint does not reach a conclusion within three months, the matter is transferred to a mediator body.


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