Passenger abundance in the Ordu Boztepe cable car

Ordu Boztepe cable car 's passenger abundance: 510 in Ordu, which provides access to the Boztepe altitude, 3 2 million 150 thousand passengers per year carried. Army Mayor of the AK Party Enver Yilmaz, AK Party, the cable car contributes to the city tourism, he said.

In order to facilitate access to Boztepe with an altitude of 510 from the city center in Ordu, the ropeway established by Seyit Torun with the Mayor of CHP, 3 million years ago, attracts the attention of local and foreign visitors. Army Mayor Enver Yilmaz, 9 thousand locals and 260 thousand tourists annually, 18 thousand tourists in the city that draws attention to the future of tourism and development goals that draw attention to the future of tourism in the city and the public and private sector that is trying to build on tourism projects Stressed that the momentum began to catch a rapid momentum.

In the future, the Army will be one of the centers of attraction of tourism with its natural and social structure in the Black Sea region and the ropeway plays a big role in this.

Sahip We continue our works at every point from our plateaus with unique beauties to our historical values, which still retain their mysteries with their thousands of years of history. There is only one known fact; The only way to show these values ​​to tourists and thus the tourism economy to be effective on the Army can be with serious investments in which you can put your claim to be a different province. Any investment in attractiveness will trigger tourism in this province and thus economic growth. Caz

In his speech at the time of parliament, he stressed that he personally supported the cable car which was established in Ordu, President Enver Yılmaz.

Imizi The ropeway investment that I supported during my parliamentary term, although it is open to discussions about the route and the points of departure and landing, is effective on the development of Boztepe and its importance to emphasize this value. Every region of our city where local or general transportation problems are eliminated, should be known as soon as it can be reached easily. With the completion of many investments related to the airport, the ring road, the green line and the ongoing construction, the doors will be opened to the end of the city for those who consider coming to our province from the province and abroad so that our guests coming to our province will have the opportunity to reach all our natural beauties. "