Construction of 30 factories continues in Pancar OSB

Construction of 30 factories in Pancar OSB continues: Pancar Organized Industrial Zone (POSB), one of the closest industrial zones to Izmir city center, has been the focus of attention for investors. Due to the intense interest, infrastructure investments of the second phase will be started shortly, while nearly 100 factories will operate in the region where eight factories are still producing and four will start in a short time.

Stating that they plan to complete the second stage infrastructure works within a year, POSB Chairman Hüseyin Şairoğlu said that his investors showed great interest to their regions. Şairoğlu said, altyapı In the second year, 355, which was included in our region, started the construction of infrastructure in the second part of a thousand square meters. The first stage is almost full in our region, which we laid the foundation about four years ago. Only a few of the 30 parcels are waiting for investors. We are also in talks with local and foreign company representatives regarding the sale of parcels in the second stage. After the completion of infrastructure investments, companies in this region will begin to establish their facilities. Most machinery and spare parts companies show interest in the region. In addition, the packaging industry and the wood and wood industry, leather, metal construction elements, food, iron and steel, casting, plastics, automotive sub-industry, textile and chemistry are our other investor sectors. ”

Şairoğlu stated that POSB is located at a distance of 18 to Adnan Menderes Airport, 30 to Alsancak Port and 33 to the city center. Currently, our region is accessible from Ayrancılar section of the İzmir-Aydın state road. Izmir-Aydin highway connection road will be made. We have reached an agreement with Highways on this issue.. Stating that they do not have any problems about energy, “Natural Gas has reached the region. In the village center of Pancar, there is the station of İzmir suburban line İZBAN. This is 2,5 kilometers from our area. The important thing is that this station also has a loading and unloading ramp, so you can take a container up there and put it in the wagon. When you do this, that load, State Railways in the system of ports, or even can reach up to Germany. This is an important chance for us..

Hüseyin Şairoğlu, who also informed that the infrastructure and superstructure investments will continue in the coming period, said, iz We will organize the main entrance and the area of ​​the region and the highway front. We will construct the treatment plant and arrange protection bands and afforestation works, hot water distribution network, and establish a conference and meeting building. Fire center and vehicle procurement, health center construction, planning and regulation of administrative and social areas are among our projects. We plan to start them in a short time. ”

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