From the Minister Elvan Çoruma railway gospel

From Elvan to Çoruma rail gospel: The Transport Minister Lütfi Elvan received the good news of the railway to Çorum.

Justice and Development Party Deputy Çorum, Member of Parliament's Plan and Budget Commission. Cahit Bağcı shared the good news of the Minister of Transport Lütfi Elvan with the Çorum people.

According to the information provided by the deputy Bagci; Transport Minister Lütfi Elvan said,-We will do the North-South Axis on the railway, Samsun-Çorum-Mersin-by giving the expected gospel.

Answering a question about the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) in a program he attended in Karaman, Minister Elvan made the following statement: While building the highway, we have created the main axes connecting the west to the east. Our biggest shortcoming in Turkey were the axis road from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean. We are creating a new axis 18 north to south. Black Sea to connect to the Mediterranean, the products produced in the GAP north, Black Sea, and then to the northern countries will be much faster.

from Edirne to Kars with Turkey will eg network of railways. It's part of the Silk Railway. From Edirne to Kars, there is a line from Kars to Tbilisi, Baku and then to Kazakhstan and China. This line is very important for us. This sector in Turkey, which will complete expeditiously. YHT studies between Ankara and Sivas continue. After Sivas, there are Erzincan, Erzurum and Kars lines. We're gonna start making his production quickly.

Izmir-Afyonkarahisar, Afyonkarahisar Konya-Karaman, Karaman, Mersin and Adana will do the line. This is a line that will extend to Habur. We have another axis to Van. When we look at the north-south axes, it is an axle from Çorum, Samsun and other provinces from Mersin. There is an axle extending from Trabzon to Şanlıurfa Trabzon


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