Tests on New Lines

Test Drive on the New Lines: At the end of a long period of time, test runs were started on the lines. In Eskişehir, the tram extension works that started in all neighborhoods at the same time as the train to the elections, turned my life into a sizeless death. When pits, muds, accidents, transportation problems, power cuts, light finally appeared. Of course, there were serious problems after the Labor -71 Houses tram services, which started before the local elections. A more seamless integration is expected by taking advantage of the fact that it is possible to make use of these machines. Citizens have experienced serious problems and problems during such a long period of work. Unfortunately, however, they did not feel the need to make any comments about their problems. Citizens want these flights to be more seamlessly integrated in general lines. However, this time in the lives of citizens placed short distances traffic lights girliş was. For example, although the total length of the road passing over Ertas street was 4,5 km, the number of traffic lights placed was 5. This may cause traffic jams from time to time. Of course, these problems can be minimized by regulations. However, after the study, which is called as smart junction project, it shows that it is not enough in this subject. Citizens are always happy because of such an end.

Sakarya Newspaper that published the news stating that the new lines started test drives announced to the readers the various warnings made by the authorities. Taking into account the explanations of the authorities, our citizens are asked to be sensitive in order to overcome this process without any problems.

After the Çamlıca-Batıkent route on the tram extension lines, test runs started on the Yıldıztepe-Yenikent-Çankaya routes. On the new routes planned to be put into service after the completion of the test journeys, the test runs continue. Authorities, citizens should be careful in passing over the tram lines, stating that the vehicles are not parked on the tram roads and warned against the traffic lights.


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