Çorumun has only a railway problem

Çorumun railway problem only: AK Party Deputy Çorum Deputy Cahit Bagci, Çorum said that only the railway problem.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of Hitit University Training and Research Hospital Tube Center Bagci, 12 6 annually spending $ Xnumx spending and stated that the N Çorum, 500 million TL investment and spending every year is an average, Üniversitesi he said.

Bagci said di nothing has been done to Çorum eri and said that they should look around them.

Bağcı stated that there was only one issue in front of them and he said that this is a railway.

Bugün Our city10 is a health infrastructure and facilities that provide health services in limited areas. an independent region of the chest diseases hospital, an independent oral and dental health hospital and district oral and dental health centers, nuclear medicine center, maternal and neonatal intensive care unit, kvc-cardiology and angiography unit, and the center of the baby with the center of the clinic offering health services came to a province.

We are one of the 10 provinces with the lowest unemployment. No one should do injustice, and they chose the nation of 12 years, Turkey does not attempt to ignore the ramp up service. You need to be honest and don't shrink anybody to thank. Politics is a visionary business, and the people who believe in this vision have believed and supported by Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his team. Siy

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