Open Danger on YHT Line

Open danger in the YHT line: High speed rail (YHT) line to prevent the danger of high-voltage barriers placed on both sides of the open to be confused. The precautionary comedy around the line made me say, “This is so pes Hat.

Measure taken

The works for undergrounding the railways passing through the city center have been completed recently. With the removal of the railway tracks on Zübeyde Hanım Street, YHT services began to be made from the new underground line. Due to the danger posed by the high-voltage line located here, precautions were taken with barriers next to the railway going underground from the old Muttalip Passage.


Signs with 25.000 Volt Electric Current and High Voltage / Do Not Approach warnings were placed on the barriers. It was surprising that the barriers separating the electric current from the pedestrian path were left open. Citizens who want to take precautions against the open danger in the YHT line, "What is the meaning of these warnings if the two barriers are to be left open?" he reacted to the situation.

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