The gas will burn

📩 24/11/2018 13:25

Gas-burning will burn: TEDES implemented between cities is also on the agenda. The system calculates the speed of the vehicle between two points and captures those who exceed the limit…
Stunning suggestions came out from the 5th Highway Traffic Safety Symposium, coordinated by the Ministries of Transport and Interior Affairs. In this context, the Traffic Electronic Supervision System (TEDES) is planned to be installed on inner city roads. Calculating the average speed of vehicles through cameras between two points, the system instantly offers information such as speed violations, capture-foreclosure annotations, stolen-lost license plates.
In accordance with this information, the necessary administrative fines are applied. Other suggestions and determinations reflected in the charter are as follows:
- The use of these systems in freight and passenger transport should be increased by gradually shifting the weight given to highways in freight and passenger transportation to sea and waterways, airlines, pipelines, rail systems and combined transportation.
- Public transportation-weighted and bicycle-priority projects should be implemented, especially the metrobus-rail system.

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