Amberg Technologies Introduces Excellent Railway Meters

Amberg Technologies is an international Swiss company operating in different countries, providing solutions for line measuring devices used for the measurement of railway lines built for urban and intercity trains.

Amberg Technologies is a company specialized in railway construction and tunnel works thanks to continuous operation and universal application of systems. As a partner in the international rail industry, Amberg Rail offers project-specific system solutions that provide the highest possible efficiency and efficiency in the construction, maintenance and clearance of the track.

Swiss Amberg Technologies company TCDD 3 last week. After his product introduction meeting for the region, he made measurements with GRP System FX for the measurement of the new İZBAN line. TCDD officials participated in the presentation of experts from abroad with the GRP System FX fast and easy line measurement details of the TCDD line met the measurement team. Detailed information about the product can be downloaded here.

Existing applications can be summarized in the 3 group:
* Amberg Fixed Line (Slab Track)
* Amberg Buraj (Tamping)
* Amberg Gauge (Clearance)

Amberg Fixed Line (Slab Track)
394.3 km / h? No problem! Integrated measurement solution optimized for typical requirements during the construction, display and maintenance of fixed line projects. Detection and inspection of rail line positions in millimeter tolerance - with integrated measurement solution in fixed line construction and maintenance.

Amberg Gabari (Clearance)
Quick and precise gabari reviews with real-time results
Modular system solution for automatic gabari measurement completed with typical rail analysis and documentation.
The comprehensive Amberg Gauge (Clearance) system solution meets all your specific information needs.

Amberg Buraj (Tamping)
Flawless Rail Lines! High-performance system solution for bore-based control point or track line track data. Amberg Technologies' mobile measuring solution Amberg Bush (Tamping) detects rail track position errors for ballasted line construction and maintenance. Precise and effective measurement data, independent of time and space, are finally used in the bending machine.

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