DEMÜHDER Notified Bodies Certification Test and Audit Seminar

DEMÜHDER Notified Bodies Certification Test and Audit Seminar: As the Railway Engineers Association, between 12 June 09-17.00 TCDD Gen. Md. A seminar on “Approved Institutions, Certification, Test and Audit” will be held in Ankara Conference Hall. DTD, TCDD, DDGM - Intensive participation is expected from the ministry and the private sector.

SUBJECT: Certification, Testing and Certification in Rail Systems; Case Studies from the European Union, The Role of Notified Bodies

DATE: 12 June 2014 Thursday, 09: 00-17: 00
LOCATION: TCDD General Directorate, Conference Hall, ANKARA
E-mail Address:,
Tel: 0 505 767 95 11 - 0 543 677 75 74

GOAL: No. 6461 "Liberalization of Railway Transport of Turkey" which was published the law is expected to close in the sector open to competition time. In this respect, secondary legislation studies are continuing by the Ministry. It is very important to understand the national and international dimensions of this legislation, which will be complied with by railway train operators and infrastructure operators after the railway transportation is opened to competition. Giving general information about current practices and legislation in the EU, it is aimed to understand how to prepare the market stakeholders in the future, to introduce certification and inspection services and to create awareness.

• Obtain information directly from notified bodies,
• An understanding of the main components of the national and international practices and innovations of practicing experts as well as the certification and inspection phases of rail systems,
• View new jobs for railway engineers.
• What conditions will be sought soon?
• How to prepare for the market?
• How and which certificates will be required to perform needs analysis and operation?
• What are the new specialization opportunities for engineers working in the field of railways? The seminar will shed light on these questions and the participants will be informed about the notified bodies and market requirements at the end of the activity.
• Transporters and service providers;
• Logistics operators; all organizations in the supply chain,
• Railway train operators,
• Railway infrastructure operators,
• Railway construction and signaling companies.

• History of notified bodies in Europe
• EU legislation and practices Turkey
• Certification and inspection services
• New applications and project examples; Europe and Turkey
• Commissioning of railway lines
• Commissioning of high-speed trains and other railway vehicles;
• Start-up of Metro vehicles
• Test centers in Europe

• Andreas Schirmer, Dekra Rail Service Unit - Operations Manager,
• Mustafa Temiz, Dekra Quality Control Services - General Manager,

• Tibet Seyhan, Piri Group - General Manager,
• Turkey Ahi, Railistics GmbH - Representative in Turkey

MODERATOR: Türker Ahi, DEMÜHDER - Vice President, Foreign Affairs



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