transit problems between Turkey and the EU

transit problems between Turkey and the EU: International Transporters' Association (UND), Turkey for the elimination of transit restrictions for hauliers European Union (EU) ongoing talks under Turkey-EU from assessing the road transport impact assessment study was launched.
According to the UND statement, long-standing UND initiatives to lift transit restrictions for Turkish transporters resonated at the EU Commission's wing. analysis of studies assessing the impact of the EU-Turkey road transport was initiated.
UND received an invitation from the EU Commission's Directorate-General for Enlargement to discuss the problem of Turkish transport in transit.
The UND delegation, who met with the Director General of the EU Enlargement Directorate General Alexandra Cas Granje, stressed that the European consumer and the producer were also harmed on issues such as the quota barrier and the imposition of compulsory mode on Turkish vehicles in transit. UND delegation, the EU's own internal market in the free movement of goods that should not really free as a result of weakening the competitiveness of EU trade and 21. century, such a commercial understanding is meaningless, he said.
Granje said that the issue has been recognized by the EU and that the results of an impact analysis study initiated by the relevant commission is expected. According to the conclusion, a solution that can be accepted by both sides can be developed, Granje said that for this, Turkish transporters should continue to convey the problems they have experienced in all aspects with real data.
Turkey transporters in transit transport carried out by EU countries Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Italy and is subject to discriminatory restrictions, some countries such as Austria.



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