Bozankaya 2015 Wins European Company of the Year Award

Bozankaya Won 2015 Company of the Year Award in Europe: Frost & Sullivan, Bozankayarewarded its success in rail systems and trambus production.

BozankayaHe was chosen as domestic e-bus and the first domestic manufacturer in Turkey TRAMBUS as company of the year in Europe.

LONDON - In line with the latest market analysis for rail systems and trambus production in public transport Bozankaya A.Ş., won the “2015 Company of the Year in Europe Award” by Frost & Sullivan, one of the world's largest research and consultancy groups, for pointing out the shortcomings in the rail and road transport sectors. Its experience in the sector and its success from the design stage to the production of the final vehicle Bozankayais making progress towards becoming a global producer. In addition, having the necessary solutions in the whole design and production process, it gives the company a great advantage in the transportation sector.

Cities and local governments around the world are focusing on alternative vehicle and infrastructure solutions to ensure optimal public transport, reduce traffic congestion and make efficient use of investments. In this respect, it consists of multiple transportation options such as bus, trambus, tram and metro vehicles. Bozankaya's wide range of products is the ideal solution for cities. Bozankayaoffers the appropriate solutions for each city, focusing on the required emission norms and investment issues according to the cities' public transport needs.

In 2014, Bozankaya delivered the first natural gas (CNG) TCV Karat buses to Konya Metropolitan Municipality. This has resulted in a significant reduction in fuel costs and emissions. Bozankaya, CNG buses, as well as the electric bus (E-Bus Sileo) recently introduced in the international arena. E-Bus Sileo allows you to travel up to 300 km Bozankayaworks with 200 kWh capacity (SCL) battery system. BozankayaAnother important infrastructure investment of Turkey is trambus vehicles. While the working principle of the trambus is similar to the tram, it differs from the trams with its rubber wheels. Bozankaya's 100 low - floor trambuses, which are produced by the company, are mainly recommended for use in cities with less than a million inhabitants due to their advantages in infrastructure investment.

Bozankaya again in 2014, with a team of Turkish engineers, 100 completed the first local low-profile tramway design. Thanks to the R & D activities, the production of 33 low-floor tram vehicle, which consists of 5 meters, 100 module with double-sided driving feature, was started. These trams, produced for Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality and will be delivered during the first 30 and 2015 years, will be the solution to the transportation problems of the city in accordance with international standards.

Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Krishna Achuthan said in a statement on the subject; “Together with the leading German traction system manufacturer Bozankayaproduced four-axle double-bellows tramuses powered by a continuous production of 160 kW in two traction motors. The vehicle's diesel generator unit produces so good energy that it can continue to operate wirelessly when needed. ”

BozankayaTransport and public transport authorities (local governments and private companies related to transport) are the target markets of Turkey. Primarily, services are provided for big cities with increasing passenger volumes every day.

In the Achuthan statement; "BozankayaHe develops strategies in line with emerging needs in transportation operators, by making significant investments in R&D and production through feasibility studies. ” "In Europe (Germany and Turkey) with six separate manufacturing center Bozankaya, each module, low costs and can produce in short time. Bozankaya"It offers production, parts and design in an ideal way to reduce costs through intelligent calibration," he says.

In Conclusion Bozankayaoffers the ideal solution for cities in the field of public transport, both in terms of investment and operating costs. also Bozankayahas 2000: ISO 9001 certification, which sets the quality management system requirements.

Design and production of technologically advanced facilities of rail systems and public transportation vehicles, Bozankayaprovides collaboration with leaders in the field and produces bus, E-Bus, trambus, tram. It is also in many markets, including Brazil, Iran and the UAE. Bozankaya Demand for vehicles continues to increase. Use of the latest production technologies, Bozankayamakes Turkey strong on becoming a global vehicle manufacturer.

Each year, Frost & Sullivan presents this award to the company that demonstrates excellence in terms of growth strategy and execution. With this award, the leadership resulting from the aforementioned innovations in terms of high innovation in products and technologies, customer satisfaction and position in the sector is appreciated.

The Frost & Sullivan Best Practices awards are given to various companies in regional and global markets that have demonstrated outstanding performance and success in areas such as leadership, technological innovation, customer service, and strategic product development. Industry analysts evaluate companies and brands in the industry and compare their performance through thorough interviews, analysis and extensive secondary research to identify best practices in the industry.

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