İzmir Will Raise Awareness in Traffic

Izmir Will Create Awareness in Traffic
İzmir Will Raise Awareness in Traffic

With a short time before the start of the long holiday, the concern of traffic accidents is on the agenda again. Authorities began to warn drivers to obey traffic rules. While hundreds of people lose their lives in traffic every year, it is stated that most of the accidents are carelessness, non-compliance with the rules and misconceptions.

Vosmer Automotive, one of the leading companies in İzmir, has recently started advanced driving techniques training in order to minimize traffic accidents throughout the province. Realizing its first training program with AUDI users in İzmir, Vosmer Automotive aims to include all drivers in İzmir in the program in the long run.

In the training program held at Ülkü Park Racetrack; The participants, who received training on advanced driving techniques from trainers led by Turkish Track Champion and driving instructor İbrahim Okyay, applied what they learned on the race track. At the end of the day, those who attended the training were given an Advanced Driving Techniques Certificate. The three participants who achieved the best grade by using their car according to the rules kazanIn addition to the trophy they won, they had moments full of excitement and adrenaline by co-drive in the racing car driven by İbrahim Okyay.

We aim to spread throughout Izmir

Vosmer Automotive General Manager Siyon Karmona, who stated that the rate of people who lost their lives in traffic accidents in Turkey is very high, said, “Departing from this path, we thought that we, as an automotive company, should do something other than selling cars, and we started advanced driving techniques training. We held the first training organization with the support of AUDI Turkey. We will continue our training activities at certain periods throughout the year. In the long term, we aim to include other brand users throughout İzmir. We believe that when we achieve this, traffic accidents will decrease significantly throughout İzmir.”

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