Efficiency of Wind Turbines Entrusted to Autonomous Technologies

Efficiency of Wind Turbines Entrusted to Autonomous Technologies
Efficiency of Wind Turbines Entrusted to Autonomous Technologies

As the demand for wind energy, which has broken records in recent years thanks to its increased capacities, increases, more wind turbines are required to be installed. Country Energy General Manager Ali Aydın, emphasizing the importance of technical maintenance for the installed wind turbines to complete their 20-25 years of life with active operation, draws attention to the fact that the maintenance and repair processes coordinated using autonomous technologies directly affect the efficiency in wind energy.

The interest in wind energy is increasing day by day thanks to the benefits it provides to environmental health and economy. More wind turbine installations are also needed to meet the increasing demands in wind energy, which broke its own record with a total capacity increase of 2021% worldwide by the end of 81.

As the wind energy industry evolves day by day, turbines are produced to operate in increasingly larger forms and higher capacities. Today, the installation, maintenance and repair services of wind turbines, whose lengths are approximately 200 meters on land or in the sea, are becoming more difficult with traditional elements. The wind turbine industry uses robotics to meet this challenge, reduce accidents, increase productivity and improve results. In particular, the systems in which artificial intelligence support and autonomous drone technology are used together perform an accurate, fast and human error-free investigation and reporting on damages on the blade surfaces of turbines or lightning protection systems. Country Energy General Manager Ali Aydın, who stated that the wind energy industry has gained significant benefits from the cooperation with robotic technologies around the world, stated that more than one operation was carried out with a single tool instead of human labor, significantly increasing efficiency. It highlights how big it is.

The dynamism brought about by the harmony between physical and digital objects also reveals a high value in wind energy. For example, wind turbines' blade or tower inspection times take about 1 day for technicians in traditional methods, but this time can be reduced to half an hour per turbine thanks to smart drone technologies, mobile maintenance workshops and artificial intelligence support in reporting. Thus, the capacity factor of the power plants is directly affected. Aydın states that, thanks to the categorization created by robot technologies according to the priority situation in turbines, it makes energy continuity sustainable by providing services many times faster.

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