Streets and Streets Meet with 3D Pictures in Bursa

Streets and Streets in Bursa Meet with Dimensional Pictures
Streets and Streets Meet with 3D Pictures in Bursa

Using the transformer buildings, retaining walls and crossroads, which cause visual pollution in Bursa, as a canvas and turning them into works of art, the painters of the Metropolitan Municipality are now bringing streets and streets together with 3D paintings.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which is making great efforts to make Bursa an aesthetic city once again mentioned with green, carries out different applications every day with the artists under the Department of Urban Aesthetics in order to prevent visual pollution on the streets and streets. Using transformer buildings, retaining walls and crossroads as canvases and bringing avenues and streets together with art, the Department of Urban Aesthetics brings painters, and now Bursa, together with 3D art. In examples in Europe, which are not very common in Turkey, 3D applications made with temporary paints such as chalk, are painted with durable special paints so that citizens in Bursa can take pictures in interaction for a long time. When the 3D street painting works are viewed from a certain point of view, they cause confusion among the citizens.

The shark jumping out of the concrete at Mudanya Pier, the giant anchor that fell into the cracked ground in Gemlik, the cube in the Sculpture Nalbantoğlu Bazaar, the pedestrian crossing over the pit in Hüdavendigar City Park and the pedestrian crossing in the air in Kültürpark astonish those who see it.

3D painting applications, which also receive positive reactions from citizens, will be expanded especially in regions where pedestrian mobility is intense.

Günceleme: 11/07/2022 10:29

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