Registrations Continue for Summer Sports Schools in Bursa

Registration for Summer Sports Schools in Bursa
Registrations Continue for Summer Sports Schools in Bursa

Summer Sports Schools, organized under the coordination of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, with the aim of enabling children to intertwine their summer holidays with sports, have started. Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş said that nearly 20 thousand children will benefit from Summer Sports Schools.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which has implemented new projects in Bursa for everyone from 7 to 70 years old to meet with sports and especially for the new generation to spend their free time with sports, offers children a holiday full of sports during the summer period. The Summer Sports Schools, which are organized every year by the Youth and Sports Services Department and the Metropolitan Municipality Sports Club under the coordination of the Metropolitan Municipality, in order to ensure that children do sports and have a pleasant time during the summer vacation, started. Summer Sports Schools, the first term of which started on Monday, June 27, 2021, will end on Sunday, September 4th. Summer Sports Schools, which will be held on weekdays and weekends in 4 periods of 16 weeks, in which children between the ages of 3-3 take part, mainly include swimming, archery, court tennis, boxing, volleyball, basketball, gymnastics, chess, taekwondo, table tennis, It is organized in 13 branches in total, including wrestling and karate branches.

Swimming training at Summer Sports Schools; Women from Fethiye, Şahin Başol, Gürsu, Kestel and Mihrap will be given in swimming pools. Swimming practices at Summer Sports Schools will last 3 terms in total. It will be organized in 3-week periods, on Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday and Wednesday-Friday-Sunday, in mixed girls and boys and in determined sessions only as girls' groups. Other branches will have a total of 3 terms in 3-week periods on Monday-Wednesday-Friday and Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş visited the children attending Summer Sports Schools. sohbet it did. President Aktaş also met with national badminton players Emre Lale and Özge Bayrak Bağcı, athletes of the Metropolitan Belediyespor Club, who succeeded in winning the bronze medal at the 19th Mediterranean Games held in Algeria as part of the visit. Congratulating successful athletes, President Aktaş presented gold to national athletes.

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President Aktaş, who later met with the little ones who attended taekwondo and swimming courses, offered ice cream to the children. Stating that they started the Summer Sports Schools with the start of the holiday, so that the children could have fun and be interested in at least one sport, Mayor Aktaş stated that the Metropolitan Municipality opened a special topic on children and youth. President Aktaş said, “We are making every effort for our puppies to grow up with sports, culture and art. Our first semester has begun. Approximately 20 thousand children will benefit from the Summer Sports Schools. So far, around 5 registrations have been made to our sports schools. We continue to register. Especially for our children at primary and secondary school age, I recommend that our parents send their children to these trainings, which are definitely held under the supervision of expert teachers. I would also like to thank the parents who delivered their children to us. Let's raise our children with sports, culture and art.

The little ones who attended the sports schools said that they like doing sports and that they had a pleasant time at the Summer Sports Schools.

Detailed information about the sports schools where registrations continue,, and available from their address.

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