İzmir Gulf Festival Started

Izmir Bay Festival Started
İzmir Gulf Festival Started

İzmir Bay Festival, organized for the fifth time by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, started with the cortege attended by the President Tunç Soyer. Soyer said that they are working to make the Gulf much more lively and that they are getting closer to this goal every day.

In line with the vision of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer's “Izmir, a city of sports”, the fifth Izmir Bay Festival, which was held between 1-3 July, started today. The people of Izmir, who gathered behind the banner that reads “Izmir's heart beats in the Gulf”, heralded the beginning of the festival by walking from Konak Pier to Gündoğdu Square. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer, Chamber of Shipping İzmir Branch President Yusuf Öztürk, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Barış Karcı, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Ertuğrul Tugay and many citizens attended the ceremony.

Participated in a tug-of-war

Addressing the participants in Gündoğdu Square, Mayor Tunç Soyer stated that they are working to make the Gulf colorful, chirpy and much more lively and said, “We are getting closer to that goal every day. And one day we will see the Gulf much more colorful and more active. We are in the preparation of those days, the excitement of those days.” Founded in Gündoğdu Square, visiting the sea and its stands, Mayor Soyer did not break the will of the youth and participated in the tug-of-war. As part of the festival, Ozbi took the stage with the Patika Rebetiko group at Gündoğdu Square.

“There is life in Izmir Bay”

President Soyer also visited the underwater photography exhibition “There is Life in the Izmir Bay” in Vasıf Çınar Square. The exhibition, organized by İZSU General Directorate, Environmental Protection and Control Department, Körfez Branch, and Murat Kaptan is the imaging director, consists of photographs taken during biodiversity research and imaging dives in the İzmir Bay. The exhibition can be visited until 1 August.

Cardboard boats raced

President Soyer also watched the "Boats Made of Cardboard" competition, which was organized for the 1th time this year by the professional chambers of the Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects (TMMOB), as part of the 14 July Maritime and Cabotage Day. A cardboard boat prepared by the Izmir Branch of the Chamber of Forestry Engineers participated in the competition held next to the Konak Pier pier. kazanwas. President Soyer shared the excitement of the teams participating in the competition.

Water sports at Izmir Marina and Konak Pier

Optimist races, swimming pool events and co-boat training races will be held at İzmir Marina between 10.00-16.00 tomorrow, canoe races, IOM class radio controlled boat event and Stand Up-Paddle will be held at Konak Pier between 10.00-16.00. Optimist races, swimming pool events and co-boat training races will continue on July 3, between 10.00-15.00 in İzmir Marina.

Tomorrow, the movie "Journey to the Depths" will also be screened on the Kadifekale Floating Facility in front of Göztepe Pier. At 21.00, a moonlight tour will be held from Üçkuyular Pier with the Historical Bergama Ferry.

İzmir Gulf Festival hosted by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality is organized with the support of Chamber of Shipping, Turkish Sailing Federation, Aegean Open Sea Yacht Club (EAYK), İZDENİZ, İZFAŞ, İZDOĞA and Grand Plaza.

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