Kardemir Started to Export on Railway Wheels
78 Karabuk

Kardemir Started to Export in Railway Wheel

Kardemir A.Ş., Turkey's first and pioneering industrial enterprise company, started exporting railway wheels after the domestic supply, with the certification processes completed and its production capabilities improving day by day. of the institution [more…]

imamoglu tested ibb's free way
34 Istanbul

Imamoglu Tested IMM's Free Way

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlutested the road between Maltepe Başıbüyük and Samandıra, which reduces the traffic flow concentrated on the D100 highway from 45 minutes to 10 minutes. The precious space of the area they opened to the service of Istanbulites on October 7th. [more…]

pearl meeting at baris selcuk journalism awards
35 Izmir

22nd meeting at Barış Selçuk Journalism Awards

The excitement started at the Barış Selçuk Journalism Awards, organized by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality for 22 years. The deadline for the competition is 5 November. Barış Selçuk Journalism, which was organized for the 22nd time this year by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, [more…]

restless legs syndrome makes you sleepless

Restless Legs Syndrome Makes You Sleepless

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Specialist Associate Professor Ahmet İnanır gave important information on the subject. Restless Legs Syndrome can cause leg pain, cramping, tingling, itching, and pain at rest (even during land and air travel) or while sleeping. [more…]

your own stem cells can be your beauty secret

Your Own Stem Cells Could Be Your Beauty Secret

Stem cells are obtained from the person's own tissues and can be used in many areas of medicine from dermatology to orthopedics. In addition to the treatment of dermatological diseases, stem cells, which increase the amount of collagen in the skin, also prevent them with their anti-aging effects. [more…]

turkey game industry received millions of dollars investment

Game Industry Received $238 Million Investment

In the third quarter of 2021, the amount of investment made in startups in Turkey reached 109 million dollars. The gaming industry was the industry that received the most investment, with a total of 42 investments in the first nine months of the year. made to games [more…]

bornova city theater backstage courses begin
35 Izmir

Bornova City Theater Backstage Courses Start

With the 'Behind the Scenes Courses' organized by Bornova Municipality City Theater (BBŞT) for those who are curious about how to work behind the scenes, the 'Dramatic Writing for Adults' courses, which are prepared to encourage writing and will take place online, are starting. [more…]

When is the Izmir metro and tram strike?
35 Izmir

When is the Izmir Metro and Tram Strike?

An agreement could not be reached in the collective bargaining negotiations between the Railway-İş Union and the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, covering 627 workers. With the strike decision taken, the decision to close the contacts of trams and metros in Izmir [more…]