The Future Healthcare Istanbul 2021 Conference Sets Trends in the Health Sector

the future healthcare istanbul conference sets the trends in the health sector
the future healthcare istanbul conference sets the trends in the health sector

Turkey's largest health and health technologies conference, The Future Healthcare Istanbul 2021, continues at Istanbul Fişekhane Event Center. On the second day of the conference (October 19), interesting sessions from expert speakers met with the participants. The conference, which was held both physically and online in a hybrid format, was watched by more than 21 thousand people from 69 countries and 18 provinces over the internet.

On the second day of the conference, Dr. Dr. It started with Ayça Kaya's speech entitled “Generation O”, which draws attention to the increasing prevalence of child and adolescent obesity today. Then on stage, Prof. Dr. Aytuğ Altundağ gave a speech on the importance of breathing for our health in the session titled "Oxygen".

Ergin Ataman talked about his successful career journey

In one of the most curious sessions of the day, Anadolu Efes Sports Club Head Coach Ergin Ataman gave a talk with the theme of “The Champion”. sohbet performed. Dr. In the speech moderated by Cem Kınay, Ergin Ataman shared his views on the relationship between sports and health while describing his career journey full of success. Stating that as a coach, he tries to keep his players fit both physically and mentally, Ataman said his philosophy of success; summed up as knowledge, self-confidence, courage and motivation.

Rehabilitation and Communication Specialist Adem Kuyumcu: “The job of the future is care for the disabled and elderly”

Rehabilitation and Communication Specialist Adem Kuyumcu, in his speech titled “Innovations in the Care of the Disabled and Elderly”, stated that there are 10 million 500 thousand disabled people in Turkey and that the number of disabled people has increased due to events such as traffic accidents and work accidents. Expressing that the perspective towards disabled individuals should be changed, Kuyucu said, “The feeling of pity is not correct. It is necessary to produce services for disabled people and to establish the right communication with them. Let's get rid of the 'we are all disabled candidates' memory. Because being disabled is not something to be a candidate for, it is a state of necessity. Stating that the service quality of the care centers established for the elderly should also increase, Kuyumcu said, "The business of the future will be care for the disabled and the elderly."

MD. PhD. Yıldıray Tanrıver: “Health is too complex a job to be left to the doctor alone”

Oncology and Functional Medicine Specialist Yıldıray Tanrıver shared the details of the concept of individualized medicine. Stressing that personalized medical programs gain importance with the help of technology, Tanrıver said that they are using digital data more in treatment by converting digital data to information in the 2030s. Pointing out that there is a paradigm shift in the health sector, Yıldıray Tanrıver said, “Health is too complex to be left to the doctor alone. Health workers, authorities and patients also have a lot of work to do," he said. Tanriver, who also shares the passwords of a long and healthy life; stated that exercise, sleep and good nutrition are very important.

The effect of autophagy in treatments

Koç University Translational Medicine Research Center (KUTTAM) Member and International Cell Death Association Board Member Prof. Dr. In his speech, Devrim Gözüücü shared valuable information about autophagy, which is the body's way of cleaning damaged cells in order to obtain new and healthier cells. Gözüçak said that autophagy can also be used in the treatment of many diseases and against aging.

Technological developments in healthcare

The sessions held on the second day of The Future Healthcare Istanbul International Conference were marked by technological developments in the field of health. Güldem Berkman, General Manager of Amgen Turkey & Gensenta, talked about “The Role of Biotechnology in the Future of Healthcare Services” and said that biotechnology supports sustainable health management and quality of life.

Medicana Healthcare Group Vice President and Independent Board Member Esen Girit Tümer moderated the session under the title of “Artificial Intelligence and Health”. Urologist Prof. Dr. Çağ Çal, YZTD Health Committee Co-Chair Dr. Sultan Power and Director of Radiology Services Prof. Dr. Hakkı Karakaş expressed their views on artificial intelligence technologies that affect the future of health.

Sadullah Uzun (ice President Bilgem TUBITAK) and Kadir Kurtuluş (Kurtuluş & Founding Partner) explained their views in the panel where the impact of Blockchain, one of the most popular topics of recent years, on health services was discussed. In the last session of the day, Assoc. Dr. Leyla Türker Şener, while describing the point of wearable technologies, stated that innovative technologies shape the future.

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