audi quattro unbound with contemporary istanbul
34 Istanbul

Audi Quattro-Unbound at Contemporary Istanbul

Audi, which is the official carrier sponsor of Contemporary Istanbul, takes part in the event with its video art work “quattro – unbound”. It is one of the most prestigious events of the global art world and is the most influential event every year. [more…]

snoring damages teeth

Snoring Damages Teeth!

Dr. Dt. Beril Karagenç Batal gave important information about the subject. Stress is something that many people face at every moment of their lives. Primarily, stress, fatigue, excessive weight gain, life and sleep [more…]

Countdown has started for test flight at rize artvin airport
08 Artvin

Countdown Starts for Test Flight at Rize-Artvin Airport

Rize Governor Kemal Ceber, together with the officials accompanying him, made examinations at the airport and made statements to the members of the press. Governor Ceber, in a statement to journalists, said that the airport, which is one of the most important investments of Turkey and the region, is completed in the world. [more…]

KOP Regional Development Program Introduced
42 Konya

KOP Regional Development Program Introduced

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank stated that in this new program covering the 2021-2023 period, they focused on the priority needs of the region with a high potential to create added value, and said, "With the budget of 395 million liras, we have allocated land and [more…]

izsu solves the environmental problems of the city
35 Izmir

İZSU Resolves Environmental Problems of the City

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality İZSU General Directorate is solving the environmental problems of the city one by one. Çiğli Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone Stream, one of the main stream beds pouring into the Gulf, is a comprehensive improvement and development implemented in three steps. [more…]

Minister Karaismailoglu Visited TCDD Stand
34 Istanbul

Minister Karaismailoğlu Visited TCDD Stand

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu visited the stand of the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) at the 12th Transport and Communication Council. In the 12th Communication and Transport Council, representatives of the railway sector attended the meeting. [more…]