ulugol nature park will be a center of attraction
52 Army

Ulugöl Nature Park will be a center of attraction

Ulugöl Nature Park will increase its attraction with the facility and landscaping project that Ordu Metropolitan Municipality will implement in harmony with nature, do not create visual pollution, and in accordance with wooden and stone architecture and conservation plans. Agriculture [more…]

Sakarya's New Meeting Point Airbus A Plane Charter
54 Sakarya

Sakarya's New Meeting Point Airbus A300 Aircraft Cafe

The retired AIRBUS A300, purchased by the Metropolitan Municipality, started to serve as the "Aircraft Cafe" in the center of the city. President Ekrem Yüce said, “Our plane, which will be the new meeting point of Sakarya, is now at your service. Whoever wants will read the book, whoever wants [more…]

kia stonic stunning and confident

Kia Stonic: Brilliant and Confident

In recent years, we have started to see more SUV vehicles on the roads. SUV vehicles translated into Turkish as "sports vehicle"; It attracts the attention of users due to its flamboyant designs, prestigious looks and dynamic styles. Traction characteristics [more…]

rally excitement is carried to the Aegean
35 Izmir

Rally Excitement Moves to the Aegean

The Aegean Rally, which is among the most important sports organizations of the Aegean Region and is the 2021th leg of the Shell Helix 4 Turkey Rally Championship, will be held for the 16th time by the Aegean Automobile Sports Club on October 17-30. [more…]

ford trucks are now in europe's largest germany market
49 Germany

Ford Trucks is Now in Europe's Largest German Market

Emphasizing that they continue their growth journey in Europe without slowing down, Ford Trucks Deputy General Manager Serhan Turfan said, “As Ford Trucks, which has grown with domestic production in international markets and rapidly expanded its global network, we have made our country one of the most important countries abroad. [more…]

skin problems are not incurable

Skin Problems Are Not Unsolvable

Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon Associate Professor İbrahim Aşkar gave important information about the subject. Loss of elasticity in the skin, which is exposed to external factors for a long time with aging, decrease in cell renewal and tissue nutrition, wrinkles, [more…]

What is kleptomania, causes and treatment

What is Kleptomania? Causes and Treatment

Üsküdar University Faculty of Medicine Department of Psychiatry Lecturer, NP Etiler Medical Center Psychiatry Specialist Assoc. Dr. Habib Erensoy made evaluations about kleptomania, which is also known as the "stealing disease" among the people. [more…]

Accessible Film Festival has started
06 Ankara

Accessible Film Festival Has Started

Held for the ninth time, the Accessible Film Festival met with moviegoers with its online and physical screenings in Ankara. Short Film Competition Films on the first day of the festival, Clermont Ferrand Short Film Festival Selection, For Children [more…]

The debt of adana metro will end in the year
01 Adana

Adana Metro's Debt Will End in 2029

Adana Metropolitan Municipality Council started its October work in a calm environment. President Zeydan Karalar, clerks Firdevs Cingözler and Zafer Koç opened the agenda of Adana Metropolitan Municipality Assembly, consisting of 39 items. [more…]