Aliağa Labor and Peace Festival Begins on October 23

Aliaga labor and peace festivals start in october
Aliaga labor and peace festivals start in october

Aliağa Labor and Peace Festival, organized by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality with the contribution of Aliağa Labor and Democracy Platform, starts on 23 October. Panels, talks, poetry readings and concerts will be held as part of the festivities.

The countdown has begun for the Aliağa Labor and Peace Festival, organized by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. The festival, contributed by Aliağa Labor and Democracy Platform, will begin on October 23. Within the scope of the festival to be held in Aliağa Democracy Square, there will be panels, interviews, poetry recitals and concerts.

Will last two days

The festivities will start in front of Alp Oğuz Anatolian High School on Saturday, October 23, 2021, at 18.30, with a cortege march accompanied by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Band. Then, at 19.00 at the Democracy Square, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer will make the keynote speech. Zülfü Livaneli, Nebil Özgentürk and Chairman of the Democracy, Peace Culture, Life and Art Talk at 19.30 Tunç Soyer will attend. Guest artists Serenad Bağcan and Özlem Özdil will take the stage at the concert of Journey to the Homeland with Livaneli Songs accompanied by Ferhat Livaneli Orchestra at 20.30.

On Sunday, October 24, 2021, at 17.30, there will be a Poetry Concert, Labor and Literature talk with writer and poet Tuğrul Keskin and writer and poet Nevzat Çelik. At 18.30, moderated by SODEV President Ertan Aksoy, CHP Secretary General and İzmir Deputy Selin Sayek Böke, KESK Co-Chair Şükran Kablan Yeşil and DİSK Emekli-Sen Chairman Cengiz Yavuz will take part in the “Effects of the Economic Crisis on Workers and Workers”. There will be a panel on the theme "". Aliağa Labor and Peace Festivals will start at 20.30 and end at the Democracy Square with the Kardes Folk Songs Concert.

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