22nd meeting at Barış Selçuk Journalism Awards

pearl meeting at baris selcuk journalism awards
pearl meeting at baris selcuk journalism awards

The excitement started at the Barış Selçuk Journalism Awards, organized by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality for 22 years. The deadline for the competition is 5 November.

Applications for the 22nd Barış Selçuk Journalism Contest, organized by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, have started. Participants will be able to deliver their news, photographs and images to the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Press Branch Directorate until Friday, November 5, 2021.

Awards in 4 categories

Barış Selçuk Journalism Awards will be given in four different categories: “National News”, “İzmir City News”, “News Photography” and “İzmir City News on TV”. Participants will be able to apply to the competition with news, news photos and news and images published in newspapers, magazines and internet media between August 5, 2020 and October 5, 2021.
In the competition, where a first and an incentive award will be given for each branch, the award amount has been determined as 4 thousand TL for the first in 10 categories. In the competition, on behalf of Barış Selçuk, the journalist Hande Mumcu, who we lost on duty, will be given an incentive award of 5 thousand TL in each branch.

The competition is organized to keep alive the memory of journalist Barış Selçuk, who lost his life together with reporter Hande Mumcu, cameraman Salih Peker and driver of the vehicle, Hacı Ali Er, as a result of a traffic accident on the way to duty in 1994, and to encourage young journalists.

Applications until 5 November

Participation will be made on the basis of personal application, and a participant will be able to apply with a work in maximum two branches. A copy (the original) of the newspaper and magazine in which the news and news photograph that is the subject of the application is published, together with the application form at izmir.bel.tr, until 5 on 2021 November 17.30, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Additional Service Building Konak Mahallesi 895 Sokak No. 7 Floor: 1 Konak-İzmir address.

Those who participate in the competition with their works published in newspapers, magazines, internet media, agency news and TV can send an e-mail to basinmudurlugu@izmir.bel.tr, provided that they fulfill the conditions of participation.

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