benefits of ground diamond

Benefits of Jerusalem artichoke

Dietician Hülya Çağatay gave information about the subject. Metabolism is what we hear frequently today. sözcüis now a frightening thing in our lives. sözcüstarted to be. The biggest reason for this is that it slows down over time due to many reasons. [more…]

Ibb will organize an Istanbul themed tour during the years of captivity
34 Istanbul

IMM to Organize Istanbul Themed Tour in the Years of Captivity

Istanbulites go on a free tour of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality with the theme “Istanbul in the Years of Captivity” in the historical streets of Beyoğlu and Fatih. The occupation and liberation days of the city are being remembered again. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Culture Department, Istanbul [more…]

What are the sulfur types and the methods of obtaining them?

What are the Sulfur Types and Obtaining Methods?

The Sicilian method was one of the first ways to extract sulfur from underground deposits. It was the only industrial method of recovering sulfur from elemental deposits until it was replaced by the Frasch process. Heaps of sulfur are collected and set on fire and melted to the bottom. [more…]

perkotek turnstile systems

Perkotek Turnstile Systems

Turnstile systems are used in places where the entrances and exits are continuous, such as factories, large offices, universities, airports, public and institutions, plazas, smart buildings, hospitals, logistics places, stores. [more…]