Capital's Old Buses Are Converted To Electric

the old buses of the capital are being converted to electric
the old buses of the capital are being converted to electric

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş introduced the prototype of Turkey on February 25, 2021, saying "I hope we will see electric buses on the streets of Ankara from now on", which successfully passed the tests at European standards and BELKA A.Ş. The mass production process is starting for 100 percent electric buses converted from diesel. Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, who attended the handover signing ceremony held at BELKA Technology Center for the conversion of 7 diesel buses, which belong to the EGO General Directorate and have completed their economic life, to electric buses, said, “BELKA has accomplished a great job. We are making a first in the world and it has been patented. Hopefully, we will deliver 2022 buses by the end of 22," he said.

Pressing the button for technological transformation in the transportation of the capital, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality started the mass production process by converting diesel buses that have completed their economic life with its own means into 100 percent electric buses.

EGO General Directorate and BELKA A.Ş. A handover signing ceremony was held for the purpose of converting 7 buses, which expired, to electric, within the scope of the transformation cooperation between

To the handover signing ceremony held at BELKA Technology Center; Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş, Ankara Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova Dmitri Croitor, Çankaya University Rector Prof. Dr. Can Çokun, Çankaya University Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Müfit Gülgeç, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Council CHP Group Deputy Chairman Yaşar Neslihanoğlu, EGO General Manager Nihat Alkaş, Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Berkay Gökçınar, Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Reşit Serhat Taşkınsu, BELKA General Manager Dursun Çiçek, Metropolitan bureaucrats and many guests attended.


In his speech at the signing ceremony, Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş emphasized that Turkey signed the Paris Agreement and stated that they would encourage the production of electric buses, and made the following assessments:

“In these days when our country has signed the Paris Agreement, I hope we will continue to work in harmony with the environment on this issue. Because we live in the city from time to time, there are city floods and droughts. There is only one reason for this, climate change. With the Paris Agreement signed for him, I think foreign loans will increase in this regard and we will offer a more comfortable life to all our citizens living in Ankara. BELKA has done a great job. Youth groups doing research in Turkey started to write to us. Then, cooperation offers from all over the world began to come. Then, you know, every successful business is tried to be prevented, through some companies in Turkey, they tried to prevent us from doing this job by saying that this job is very unnecessary and would be very expensive. It doesn't matter if the 99 model bus is converted into an electric bus, my lawyer and industrialist friends here know something. We are developing an idea called know-how and making it a first in the world, it has also been patented. All tests passed. Therefore, no one in the world can put a price on the know-how to be gained. We are doing such an important event today. By making the first step with our EGO General Directorate, we will deliver 2022 buses, hopefully by the end of 22.”

Stating that they aim to complete 7 blue buses to be used in campus transportation if agreed with METU, Yavaş continued his speech as follows:

“Many companies from abroad offer cooperation. By evaluating these in the most meticulous way, we will definitely make the protocol that is most suitable for the benefit of both our municipality, Ankara and our country. We will share this with all of Turkey again. Meanwhile, BELKA cooperates with universities. For this reason, I would like to thank Çankaya University, our rector, our vice-rector, and all my lecturers at METU. Hopefully, when we join hands with Ankara industry, we will take this success not one step further but 1 steps further and turn Ankara into a green transformation center. I hope that the numbers that will be expressed in thousands will be realized as soon as possible, good luck.”


EGO General Manager Nihat Alkaş, who stated that they are happy to include environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly electric buses in the EGO fleet, with the vision of zero-emission transportation, made the following statements:

“The world transportation sector has been undergoing a rapid development and transformation in recent years. In this sector, where diesel and gasoline vehicles are concentrated, the use of natural gas and electric vehicles is becoming widespread all over the world, with the effect of increasing environmental awareness as a result of climate change due to the increase in carbon emissions and emission rates. As EGO General Directorate, after the acquisition of 6 51-meter buses with Euro 8.3 engine technology, which protects the nature with low emission values, to be used in public transportation services in parallel with this environmentalist approach in the world, 90% of which we have obtained with a loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, is natural gas. We will gradually include our 301 bus, which is one of the first, in our fleet, starting next month. BELKA A.Ş., a subsidiary of our municipality. 2006 of the 22 model diesel buses will be converted into 100% electric buses and included in our fleet. It is aimed to make our fleet even more environmentally friendly with the new electric buses that will be purchased in the future.”

Speaking at the handover signing ceremony, BELKA General Manager Dursun Çiçek drew attention to the fact that they met with many countries on mass production and said:

“We are signing off on an event that will take place for the first time in the world. At this stage, electric bus conversion will be made for the first time in the world. We made the first launch of the bus on February 24. At that time, we set two goals. We will do one of them together with Ankara Industry and industrialists, together with our universities. We have taken important steps in the period of 2 months. Ankara's industrialists provided voluntary support in a way befitting Ankara's land. We have taken important steps in the process of cooperation with universities. This project has reached an international dimension. Our foreign contacts have been continuing for 7 months. We are in constant contact with senior officials from South America, Peru, the Atlantic Ocean, Jamaica, the Far East, Indonesia and Tajikistan, and there will be very good developments in the medium term. We have been in intense contact with England for 6 months. Our project on climate change financing attracted great interest. It was seen that this project focused on 6 of the 17 goals of sustainable development of the United Nations. Our project has gained great acclaim in the UK under the Ministry of Industry, and if we are lucky, this project will be presented in the investment market in London at the end of this year and at the beginning of 10. Our vehicle has become a special vehicle and has a high level of competition with similar vehicles in the world on a technological basis. We also meet with foreign delegations 2022-2 times a week. We also had talks in Barcelona yesterday. The most authorized firm of the area offered us cooperation.”

At the ceremony broadcast live on ABB TV and social media accounts, Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, EGO General Manager Nihat Alkaş, BELKA General Manager Dursun Çiçek signed the contract that will start the mass production period in the conversion of Başkent buses to electric.


In order to provide a more comfortable transportation to the citizens of the capital and to meet the needs, BELKA A.Ş. After that, the conversion of all diesel models and segments of all models and segments of public transportation vehicles, which have completed their service life and received heavy maintenance, into 5 percent electric vehicles will be carried out in the form of mass production from now on.

After the completion of the transformation of the 7 expired buses received from the EGO General Directorate, the converted bus fleet for the first time in the world will be ready to carry passengers. While it is planned that 22 diesel buses in the EGO General Directorate, which are in a similar segment, will be converted into the service of citizens within the scope of green energy in the future, technological cooperation protocol work is continuing with Çankaya University Mechanical Engineering and METU Materials and Metallurgical Engineering departments.


Some municipalities and some local private companies in Turkey, for new buses suitable for carrying bicycles, with passenger information system, panic button, vehicle tracking system, suitable for elderly, pregnant and disabled access, with security and camera systems, are working with BELKA A for the conversion of expired buses. .S. contacted with.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, in order to ease the public transportation in the capital and to meet the increasing need, until the end of 2022 168 natural gas articulated, 105 natural gas solo, 28 diesel articulated, 51 midibuses to be purchased from the State Supply Office, 3 electric buses with EU grants, a total of 355. It aims to add new and 22 converted electric buses to its public transport fleet.

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