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E-Commerce Software

The widespread use of the Internet enables all transactions, including shopping, to be completed in a virtual environment. All brands that want to come to the fore in the sector should be involved in e-commerce and have a successful platform. [more…]

utikadin's new general manager has been announced
34 Istanbul

UTIKAD's New General Manager Has Been Announced

The new General Manager of UTIKAD, the Association of International Forwarding and Logistics Service Providers, has been announced. Cavit Uğur, who has been serving as the General Manager of UTIKAD since 2011, will leave our association as of the end of October. [more…]

billion TL investment in highways

689,2 Billion TL Investment in Highways

Adil Karaismailoğlu, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, underlined that the total number of additional transit documents exchanged in 2021 exceeded 80 thousand and said, “We have strengthened Turkey's ties with the world, we have gained a logistical claim. [more…]

roof ges investment loan from akbank

Roof SPP Investment Loan from Akbank

Akbank added the 'Roof SPP Investment Loan' to its sustainability-focused products. Akbank continues to add new sustainability-focused products. Affordable international fund transfer to its customers with the Green Foreign Trade Package [more…]

completely meltable by the polar year

The Poles May Completely Melt By 2100

Epson has joined forces with National Geographic to support the conservation of frozen soils in the polar regions of the world, with its 'Turn Down the Heat' campaign. Scientists believe that the frozen lands of the world will reach the year 2100. [more…]

air pollution effect on covid deaths

The Effect of Air Pollution on Covid-19 Deaths

With the cooling of the weather, stoves and heaters began to be burned across the country, and coats began to take their place on the hanger. Air pollution accompanying the cold also came to the fore again. A recent academic study conducted in Istanbul, COVID-19 [more…]

should ilgezdi canteens eat stone?

İlgezdi: 'Do Kantists Eat Stones?'

"Republican People's Party Deputy Chairman Gamze Akkuş İlgezdi stated that the canteens have lost their share of the pandemic approaching 2 years of misery and desperation, "They completely lost their income during the distance education process. now it's high [more…]

Why has bonito fishing decreased?
57 Sinop

Why Acorn Hunting Decreased?

Sinop University Fisheries Faculty Fishing Technology Department Head Prof. Dr. Osman Samsun stated that as a result of global warming, the breeding period for bonito and bluefish in the summer months, the seas are still warm in autumn. [more…]

High voltage warning has been issued for Kocaeli from tcdd
41 Kocaeli

High Voltage Warning for Kocaeli from TCDD

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), within the scope of electrification studies, warned of high voltage between Köseköy Yarımca Stations in Kocaeli. According to the statement made by the General Directorate of TCDD, “Gebze- Köseköy Railway 3rd and 4th Lines. [more…]

air defense system delivery from aselsan
06 Ankara

Air Defense System Delivery from ASELSAN

ASELSAN has made a new delivery within the scope of the project, which includes the modernization of 35mm towed guns, the Fire Management Devices (AIC), which provides the management of towed guns, and the supply of particle ammunition. President of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey Defense Industry Presidency (SSB) [more…]

Ozbek has reached its historical texture.
35 Izmir

Uzbek History Reaches Its Texture

The Özbek Neighborhood of Urla gained its historical texture within the scope of the Bath Restoration and Square Arrangement Project carried out by the Urla Municipality. The village square, where visitors can spend time with pleasure, has gained a new face. entirely owned by the municipality. [more…]

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Flexible Solutions in Electrical Conduction

Figabara is the leader in its sector and has many specialties such as Laminated Flexible Busbars, Solid Busbars, Insulated Flexible Busbars, Press Welded Flexible Copper Shunts, Flexible Expansion Connectors and Insulated Flexible Busbars used in electrical transmission. [more…]