TEI Received 3 Worldwide Awards

the world's best tei world wide award suddenly
the world's best tei world wide award suddenly

2 gold medals among applications from all over the world in TEI human resources management kazanwas. TEI, which has made a name for itself with its success in the development of the original aviation engines needed by our country, record-breaking engines and the "Best Supplier" awards it has received consecutively in the global aviation engine manufacturing sector, is one of the most important international awards of the business world, organized by the independent research company Brandon Hall Group. Hall Excellence Awards" program, "Human Capital Management Excellence Awards" category, 2 gold awards at once kazanwas. TEI also received the "Employee Engagement Achievement Award" in the "Stevie Awards for Large Employers" program, one of the most prestigious awards in the business world. kazanwas.

Meeting with members of the press at TEI Eskişehir Campus, General Manager and Chairman of the Board Prof. Dr. Mahmut F. Aksit, “Developing an aviation engine from scratch using plain white paper; From engineer to technician, from specialist to manager, it is possible with a well-equipped, dedicated and competent staff at every level. For this purpose, we attach great importance to all the work we do in the field of human resources.” said. Akşit shared that TEI's journey to human resources excellence is the story of a systematic listening, planning and implementation cycle. KazanHe stated that they progressed within the framework of the human resources strategies they determined as “Exploring the Talent”, “Retaining the Talent” and “Preparing the Talent for the Future”.


Expressing that they received 1 applications to the job postings they published in the last 310.240 year, Akşit reminded that they had the title of "Best Workplace" according to the results of the research conducted last year; “Only in the last 1 year, the “Best Workplace” award from the eyes of our employees, the “Best Distance Learning Program” award from the eyes of the students, the “Company that Most Values ​​its Female Employees” from the eyes of the World Aviation Women's Institute, and "Respect to Humans" from the eyes of job applicants. ” award, and finally, the “Brandon Hall Human Resources Excellence Award” and “Stevie Awards for Large Employers” from the eyes of the international business world, with our effective human resources management. kazanit's gone. These 7 wonderful awards we have received in this year alone are the pride of TEI. I congratulate all TEI employees, especially our Human Resources team, who contributed to this great success.” said.

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