Temsa's Electric Will Transform Public Transport in Mersin!

temsanin electric will transform public transport in myrtle
temsanin electric will transform public transport in myrtle

TEMSA introduced the electric bus MD9 electriCITY in Mersin, which has expanded its public transportation network with its environmentally friendly transportation network. Within the scope of the demo program, the vehicle, which took a test drive on the city roads by the Metropolitan Municipality, received full marks from the captains and passengers. In the city, which is planned to pioneer modern transportation with the goal of zero emissions, it is planned to transform the vehicle inventory of the municipality with environmentally friendly vehicles in the near future.

TEMSA, which has become one of the global brands of Turkey with its electric vehicles exported to all over the world, continues its domestic test programs for its electric vehicles. Finally, the MD9 electriCITY, which was sent to Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department, went for a test drive on the city roads.

The electric vehicle, whose test drives started at the request of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, which strengthens the public transportation network with its environmentalist transportation network, was presented to the drivers and citizens in public transportation. MD9 electriCITY received full marks from users as a result of satisfaction surveys and experiences. Aiming to transform the region into an environmentally friendly center with zero carbon emissions in a short time, Mersin Metropolitan Municipality continues its efforts to replace the vehicles used in public transportation with environmentally friendly vehicles in the coming period.


MD9 electriCITY successfully passed the test drives in the region. Among the most striking features of the vehicle, which received positive feedback from users, are its general design and performance, driving comfort, range values, wide viewing angle of the driver's area and usefulness of the seating plan, as well as conditions such as quiet driving, long charging usage and cost advantages. It was greatly appreciated that it could be presented.


MD9 electriCITY, which is aimed to make a significant contribution to environmentally friendly transportation, offers an accessible and safe transportation solution with equipment compatible with European Union norms and passenger information equipment integrated into the transportation system. With its programmable regeneration feature, MD9 electriCITY also allows the vehicle to make maximum use of its battery capacity by generating electricity during the journey. The vehicle, which can accommodate up to 30+2 people with its high passenger capacity and has 3 different charging options, can be charged in 2 hours. The 9-meter-long environmentally friendly bus with zero carbon emissions also bears the traces of the latest technology that is quiet, comfortable and high-performance.


Making evaluations on the subject, Hakan Koralp, TEMSA Deputy General Manager of Sales and Marketing, stated that they are extremely happy that electric vehicles, which have started to hit the roads all over the world, are also widespread in Turkey. We believe that this should also be a very important mobilization move for Turkey's future. Today, our MD9 electriCITY vehicle is actively used in the Presidential Complex, and it continues its demo rides in different cities. As the whole TEMSA family, we would like to thank Mersin Metropolitan Municipality for the vision they have put forward here. We would like to see these vehicles, which come out of our bans in Adana as a product of Turkish industry and carry the traces of Turkish technology and design, in all our cities in the near future. For this, we have carried out all kinds of infrastructure work. We will continue to embrace electrification until the end for a much more environmentally friendly and safe future.”

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department-Public Transport Branch Manager Bayram Demir stated that they are working hard to make Mersin an exemplary city not only for the region but also for Turkey. We are very happy to present our domestically produced electric vehicles to the use of our citizens from Mersin. Environmentalist transportation projects are now an indispensable part of modern municipal management. Always focusing on people; With such projects that provide maximum benefit to nature, we will make Mersin a much more environmentally friendly, much more livable city identity”.

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