Beware If You're Too Nervous, Experts Warn

If you are too nervous, beware, experts warn
If you are too nervous, beware, experts warn

Neck hernias, which darken the lives of millions of people, can give different symptoms. Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Specialist Associate Professor Ahmet İnanır gave important information on the subject.

Neck hernia occurs as a result of the soft part in the middle of the cartilage disc between the vertebrae tearing the layers around it and overflowing. If the protruding disc material herniates from the middle part of the spinal canal, it can press on the spinal cord, and if it herniates from the side of the canal, it can press on the nerves going to the arm. In hernias originating from the middle section, the person may feel the pain in their shoulders, neck and shoulder blades or back. In lateral hernias, the patient may present with pain in the arm and numbness in the hand, tingling or a feeling of weakness. All these findings may develop in a way that adversely affects people's daily life.

Incorrect movements related to the posture of the person, stress, tension, inactivity, excess weight problems are the factors that prepare the ground for neck hernia. Individuals with a tense and stressful personality structure are a potential candidate for neck hernia.

The diagnosis of neck hernia should first be made by examination and then confirmed by MRI imaging system. If there is compression or pressure on the nerve root in neck hernia, resorting to a single treatment method should be avoided first. Determining and applying the most appropriate method to ensure the earliest recovery is of vital importance. A knowledgeable and experienced physician who will apply the most appropriate option must be chosen first. Neck collar treatment can be used in cases that carry the head due to severe pain and have excessive pain in neck movements. Although it is said, the neck brace should be chosen in very necessary cases and the aim of restricting sudden movements should be aimed primarily. Although it is said that it will cause weakening in the muscles, it is said that the doctor should determine the required time. All methods in the field of physical therapy should be offered to the service of patients and should not be left incomplete. Surgical treatment is rarely required and should not be perceived as the last method, but in some rare cases, it can be applied first. A specialist physician with experience and knowledge must have the ability to make this decision.

In case of hesitation, the physical therapist and neurosurgeon should exchange ideas and should not be left to the initiative of a physician alone.

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