How to Care for Prosthetic Hair; Tap Hair

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Prosthetic hair is both stylish in appearance and extremely easy to use. Taking care of this hair, which does not look different from your normal hair, is an extremely important point. You can use the prosthetic hair that we apply with the processes that will extend the life of your hair for many years.

Prosthetic hair Shampoo and conditioner you choose for care is extremely important. The pH value should be suitable for the structure of the prosthetic hair. It should nourish the skin and hair with its structure containing biotin, hyaluronic acid and sodium DNA, which will also repair the worn scalp.

The care products of the prosthetic hair that you can obtain with Tap hair also have a formula that will slow down or even stop your hair loss.

What to Consider When Using Prosthetic Hair

Prosthetic hair It is extremely easy to use, you will have a hair experience as comfortable as your own natural hair. The prosthetic hair applied to you by Tap Hair is resistant to water and does not come off in any water contact.

The only point you should pay attention to when using your prosthetic hair should be its cleaning and care. Appropriate products should be preferred so that the hair does not become weak and always maintain its fullness. Shampoo and conditioner specially produced for hair should be used by avoiding market products.

How Does the Prosthetic Hair Application Process Proceed?

If you want to have prosthetic hair with Tap hair, you should first come to our center and get an idea about your hair. The part to be applied to your hair is determined by our expert team members and a hair design is made for you.

Before your hair design is applied to the relevant area, your other hair in that area is cut. Thus, the prosthetic hair is fully contacted with the scalp. Then, the hair is adhered to the area with the help of products produced with German technology.

When the application of the hair is completed, a model suitable for your face is given and your hair looks good. Prosthetic hair for men should be a little more careful. Because their hair structure is harder than women. And it is necessary to use organic hair in harmony with your own hair. More information

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