Ensure Your Diesel Engine Stays in Good Condition With These Useful Tips

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If you want your diesel engine to last, then it’s important that you perform regular maintenance. Although diesel engines do tend to last longer than gasoline engines, if you do not look after them, then they will break down.
This article will tell you how you can ensure that your diesel engine stays in good condition.

Preventative Maintenance

You should always take your car to a mechanic every few months for a touch of preventative maintenance. According to one diesel mechanic in San Antonio, oil changes and tune-ups can keep your vehicle running at the maximum potential at all times. This is even more important if you use your vehicle every day or for work.

Drive At A Reasonable Speed

High speeds can be very harmful to your engine, especially if you aren’t driving a race car. It’s only recommended that you press your gas pedal all the way down now and again to purge your engine. You shouldn’t make a habit of speeding. Not only is it bad for your engine, but it can also be very dangerous. Stick to the speed limit, and even then, stay on the lower end if you want your engine to last.

Use the Best Fuel

It’s important that you always use the best fuel for your vehicle’s engine. Most experts recommend that you avoid gas stations where fuel is offered at ridiculously low prices. Similarly, you should avoid gas stations that appear dingy, worn down, and remote. You should avoid using red diesel in your car , but not because it will damage your engine (it’s just the same as white diesel), but because you can get into a lot of trouble for using it in some countries. Experts also recommend that you use premium fuel for turbo diesel engines.

Temperature Control

When you’re driving a car with a diesel engine, it’s crucial that you pay attention to the engine’s temperature. An ideal temperature for most engines is around 90 degrees. If you are driving around on extremely hot days, then it’s important to be aware of your engine’s temperature. If your engine overheats, it could cut out completely. This can happen more or less anywhere and you are given very little warning time to move to safety.

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Driving On An Empty Tank

Driving your vehicle around on an empty tank is a very foolish thing to do. This can damage your car, whether it’s a diesel engine or a petroleum engine. While your car might survive the situation, you will definitely cause some damage to it. Older vehicles, however, are less likely to survive. If you’re traveling a long distance, ensure your car’s filled up with fuel. You might also want to bring some in a jerry can just in case.

Small Journeys

Mechanical experts always recommend that you avoid taking your vehicle, especially on a cold engine, on small journeys. It’s extremely unhealthy for a modern diesel engine to travel small distances at low speeds. It can cause your filter to clog, and filters can cost an absolute fortune to replace. Instead of traveling small distances in your vehicle, invest in a bicycle or alternatively just walk. It’ll be better for you and for your engine.

Let It Run…

When you have arrived at your destination, let your engine run for 30 seconds to a minute before you turn your vehicle off. A hot engine should be allowed to run instead of being turned off immediately. Experts say that this can damage your engine, so don’t risk it. However, in more modern cars, this might not be necessary. Most modern cars have fans that will keep running after the engine’s turned off.

Oil Changes

It’s important that you check and change your oil regularly. While your car might survive on old oil, it will do damage to your engine over time. When you do replace your oil, ensure that you choose high-quality oil. While it might cost more, it’ll give your engine more of a chance of lasting you a long time.

Air and Fuel Filter

It’s probably best to allow a mechanic to replace your vehicle’s fuel filter and its air filter. If you do decide to change them yourselves, make sure that you change them according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Experts recommend that you should change your fuel filter every 15.000 miles, and your air filter every 25.000 miles. Changing these, when necessary, will keep your engine running the way that it is supposed to.

With all of these tips, you will be able to make your diesel engine last you a lifetime. Remember: If you are experiencing difficulty with your engine, then waste no time in taking it to a mechanic to have it inspected.

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