Exemplary Treatment Plant from TEI, Turkey's Leader in Aviation Engines

Turkey's leader in aviation engines teiden sample treatment plant
Turkey's leader in aviation engines teiden sample treatment plant

Turkey's leader in aviation engines, TEI has once again demonstrated the importance it attaches to sustainability, environment and energy management with its current activities. Even fish can be grown in the treated water in the wastewater treatment plant, which was renovated with a budget of approximately 2.5 million TL.


Reviewing its existing infrastructure for the treatment of highly polluting wastewater, which is released by the processing of raw materials used in the aviation industry, TEI commissioned the wastewater treatment plant, which stands out among its examples in Turkey, by increasing the wastewater treatment quality to 2.5% as a result of an investment of 99.9 million TL. took.

While the opening of the facility was carried out by Eskişehir Governor Erol Ayyıldız, Eskişehir Provincial Police Chief Engin Dinç, Eskişehir Provincial Director of Environment and Urbanization Hikmet Çelik and officials attended the ceremony attended by TEI General Manager and Chairman of the Board of Directors Prof. Dr. Mahmut F. Akşit gave information about TEI's environmental activities. After the ribbon cutting, Governor Ayyıldız started a purification process at the facility.

Akşit stated that they turned the facility, which was opened into a central water treatment facility, throughout the factory, and said that they also minimized the use of chemicals in the treatment process by reacting waste water types that reacted with different chemicals with each other. “According to today's technology, necessary revisions were made in the existing facility, increasing the treatment performance to 99.9% and reducing our costs. This facility, which we opened, emerged as a result of a series of R&D studies related to the waste water released in our manufacturing activities. Congratulations to everyone involved.” said. Referring to other environmental projects they have realized recently, Akşit said, “We established waste sorting units in Musaözü Nature Park, one of the important environmental riches of our Eskişehir, in support of the "Zero Waste" project on the occasion of June 5 World Environment Day, so that wastes can be separated at their source. As TEI Family, we took an active role from the preparation of the units to be used to the training of the personnel to be used. In addition, we have recently commissioned a meeting room called “EcoZone”. We created all the office materials we use in this meeting room from waste materials from our factory. Our meeting table, which we created from 270 kilograms of organic waste, is one of the first applications produced with a transformation activity in this context.” He said, and reminded that they are the first company in Eskişehir to receive the Basic Level Zero Waste Certificate in their field of activity. Visiting the “EcoZone Meeting Room” after the opening ceremony, the guests received information about the project and watched the video prepared by TEI on environmental activities.

The event at TEI Eskişehir Campus came to an end after the award presentation of the Governor Ayyıldız to the winners of the environmental quiz show organized among TEI employees and the environmentalist flower pot obtained from the recycling of waste carpets to the Governor Ayyıldız.

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