Intercity Transport Demands Increase 64 Percent

Percentage of demand for intercity shipping has increased
Percentage of demand for intercity shipping has increased

Self-employed workers started to leave the big cities, and the transportation sector got into action. While the remote working model, which became widespread in 2020, which passed with the pandemic, has become permanent for many sectors, working conditions are being re-established by both the employer and the public.

According to the regulation prepared by the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services and determining the principles regarding remote work, business relations can now be established directly with a remote work contract. Existing contracts can also be converted to remote work with mutual agreement. This picture also directs employees who have had to live in big cities for their jobs to less populated cities. According to TURKSTAT data, Istanbul is the leading city with 2020 thousand 381 people in 654, while Istanbul is among the cities with the highest number of immigrants, Tekirdağ, Samsun, Sakarya, Muğla, Ordu, Balıkesir, Diyarbakır and Giresun stand out.

The return of remote workers to their hometown revitalized the shipping industry

Stating that this situation has created a serious dynamism in the transportation sector, Göztepe Nakliyat ve Storage A.Ş. CEO Ulaş Gümüşoğlu said, “The economic problems brought about by the pandemic process made it difficult for many people to live in big cities. On the other hand, the transformation of homes into offices and the opportunity to work independently of the location of smart technologies started to affect the decisions of those living in big cities for their careers or for livelihoods. Those who want to balance their work-life by getting away from the crowd and busy pace of big cities in many occupational groups, especially white-collar workers, turned to their hometown or quiet cities. This situation has increased the intercity transportation activities and the need for transportation companies. We, as Göztepe Transportation, have acquired more than 2020 thousand customers by the end of 30, and we have observed a 64% increase in intercity transportation demands compared to the previous year.

The primary criterion is "trust"

Drawing attention to the fact that the key point in customer satisfaction is the allocation of trust, in line with his experience of more than 40 years in the industry, Ulaş Gümüşoğlu said, “Home or office moving services require more care and trust, unlike moving commercial products. Moving goods from home to home is a boutique job, as the transport teams work all over your home. At this point, the reliability of the company is critical. As Göztepe Nakliyat, we always adopt customer satisfaction as our first priority, kazanWe attach importance to providing trust first. Within the scope of the transportation insurance we offer, we take the responsibility not only for the possible accident of the vehicle on the road, but also for the damages caused by the personnel error.

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