Remarkable Change in Kanal Istanbul! Some Plans Canceled

Some noticeable changes in channel istanbul plans were canceled
Some noticeable changes in channel istanbul plans were canceled

The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization made changes in the plans of "Yenişehir", which will be established around Kanal Istanbul, which is the focus of the discussions. The "technology development area" and the "fair and congress area" planned to be located in Yenişehir were abandoned and the relevant plan notes were canceled.

According to the news of Özlem Güvemlı from SÖZCÜ; “The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, the controversial project“ Yenişehir ”, which will be established in the vicinity of the controversial project,“ Yenişehir ”, was approved by IMM in 2009 and the“ European Side Reserve Building Area ”plan amendment prepared by piercing the 1/100 thousand Environmental Plan for the second time. revised.

Finally, the "European Side Reserve Construction Area 22/2020 thousand Environmental Plan" regarding Yenişehir, which was approved on 1 June 100 and suspended for objections, was changed again and was suspended on 22 March 2021. With the amendment made, the regulations regarding the "technology development area" and "fair and congress area" in the plan were canceled.


In the north of the planning area, the region where logistics support can be provided between Kanal Istanbul and Istanbul Airport was planned as a "technology development zone". In the plan, “This region is an area that can be recommended to institutions as a Technology Development Zone. The said region has the status of Technology Development Zone. kazanfacilities, technoparks, universities, advanced technology institutes, R&D units, etc., where information and advanced technologies have been developed and used in these areas until now. can take place. Mixed uses, sports, recreation and other social facilities can take place” provision was cancelled.


The congress and fair center planned to be built in the tourism area adjacent to the airport in the north of the planning area was also abandoned. In the plan, a fair and festival area was proposed to work in coordination with the university and technology development areas. In line with the aim of directing Istanbul to an information generating structure, the plan will also include higher education institutions as institutes for the relevant sectors within the scope of the technology development zones proposed to increase university-private sector cooperation.

It was within the limits of the TAYAKAD

In the sub-scale plans, which the Ministry started to suspend in stages, a place was reserved for the technology and the fairground next to Istanbul Airport, near Tayakadın. It was aimed to establish a technology base on an area of ​​approximately 2.2 million square meters. The 1.4 million square meter area that would serve fair and congress tourism would also be associated with the airport and technology development zone.


The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization approved and suspended the "European Side Reserve Construction Area 23 / 2019 scaled Environmental Plan" on December 1, 100.000 for "Yenişehir", which will be established around the canal at jet speed, while the objection process against the EIA report of the Channel Istanbul project was continuing. Upon objections, the plan was revised on 22 June 2020. With the change made in June, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization was officially authorized for all zoning applications of Yenişehir, which covers an area of ​​approximately 37 thousand hectares. A "special project area" arrangement was made for the projects to be developed in association with Kanal Istanbul.

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